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Tip Junkie Go Bar

Hi! I’m Laurie, founder of tipjunkie.com, and if you clicked the “what is this” link from the Tip Junkie “go bar” then you are in the right place. You probably clicked this link because you are wondering about its purpose? Possibly wondering why it is on your screen, and how it got there, right? Well, I am really excited about it (the Tip Junkie Go Bar) as I designed it just to make things easier for YOU!

What is that Tip Junkie bar and what is its purpose?

Well, it’s called the Tip Junkie Go Bar, and its purpose is to make browsing faster and easier ‘cuz let’s face it, we’re always on the GO! We want beautiful inspiration, great tutorials, we want it at our fingertips, and we wanted it yesterday. {well, at least I do. HA!}

How does it do all that? Well, it pulls other tutorials from the category that you were browsing from Tip Junkie and rotates them through so you don’t have to go back to Tip Junkie to continue browsing!

My pet peeve when I’m searching for something specific or looking for inspiration is having to go back to the site to click on another link. Ugh! I’m a busy gal. So now the problem is solved! With the GO Bar, you can click on one link and several other options come to you instead of you having to work to find more ideas in that category.

I know! Cool, right?  The Go Bar will rotate 2-3 other tutorials at a time in the same category you are browsing every few seconds. If you click on any image then the Go Bar will take you directly to that blog {or site} to see the complete tutorial. You can continue on in this fashion blog-jogging as long as you’d like.

What else does it do? With a quick click from the Go Bar, you can go back to the Tip Junkie site by clicking on the logo to the left, or you can close it by pressing the X on the right. You can also click on either of the arrows to see more tutorials instead of having to wait for them to scroll into view.  {easy breezy}

Why is it on my screen and how did it get there?

The Tip Junkie Go bar is on your screen because you clicked the “view this tip” from one of the Tip Junkie sister sites. Tip Junkie loves to feature creative women and so I’ve created a system that brings the ideas to you in the category that you’ve been browsing.

I aim to please! {wink}

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some additional questions, so below are some frequently asked questions and the answers. If you have a question that’s not on this list, feel free to ask it in the comments and I’ll be happy to add it to the list and answer it for you!

1. I’m a blogger and you featured my tutorial, does my blog receive page view credit if the Tip Junkie Go Bar is displayed?

Yes, of course! Currently there is not a technology invented that can steal page views from another site. And since Tip Junkie’s mission is to promote women – there’s no way I would even do that if there was. Seriously, every single blog and site featured on Tip Junkie gets credit for every click over to your blog, period.

If the Tip Junkie Go Bar is being displayed, then you are no longer on tipjunkie.com. You are visiting another site and the URL is displayed on the right inside the Go Bar, under “visiting”.

This technology is actually very common-place online. You’ve probably seen it in different and more sophisticated forms on sites such as Facebook, Networked Blogs, Linked Within, About.com, and Stumble Upon but didn’t realize it! Granted, they have bigger budgets so theirs looks different – but it does the same thing.

In fact, I have built the sites to make sure that people head on over to your blog! There are 3 links to your blog for Tip Junkie readers to click on to find you on every feature:

  • The picture is a link to your blog
  • The “view this tip” is a link to your blog
  • Your name “created by” is a link to your blog

This is not a coincidence. My mission is to send readers to get to know you and increase your page views! That’s why the system is a little redundant with 3 links and not a lot of text. So readers will go and visit your tutorial.

Wondering what other ways Tip Junkie gives you page views?

  • From the Go Bar when one of the images clicked, it gives you a page view. If the reader clicks on another image, it gives that blogger a page view, and so on.
  • When the reader clicks the X to close the Go Bar, and they are on your blog – it gives you an ADDITIONAL page view. {snicker}

I want to promote creative women and see them succeed. That’s the entire purpose for custom building each of these sites. I spent 3 months doing nothing but creating a system to accomplish this goal.

2. Am I on Tip Junkie or another site if I see the “Go Bar”?

If you see the Tip Junkie Go Bar then you are no longer on a Tip Junkie site.  You’re actually on a different site, as indicated on the right hand corner of the Go Bar. Look for the URL under “visiting”.

That blog is getting the page view credit. The Tip Junkie Go Bar is there to help you find what you’re looking for by giving you more options and tutorials without having to go back to the Tip Junkie site. We’re all too busy to click back and forth all the time. The Tip Junkie Go bar is trying to help make it easier and faster for you.

4. What are those images that scroll through it?

The images on the Tip Junkie Go Bar are more ideas and tutorials in the category that you were browsing. They are trying to help you find what you are looking for without having to go back to the Tip Junkie site. I’m trying to save you a step or two ‘cuz I know you’ve got more things to do than spend all day online.

5. If I click on the images does that blogger get page view credit?

Absolutely! There’s not currently a hack or system that I know of in existence that can send you over to a blog and take credit for that page view. I hold Tip Junkie to the highest standard and adore the women I feature. My motto is “give credit where credit is due!”

6. How do I close the go bar?

To close the Tip Junkie Go Bar simply click on the X on the right inside the bar. It will refresh the page and close quickly.

7. What is Tip Junkies mission and purpose?

Tip Junkie promotes creative women through their ideas and products. To the reader it may look like a fun DIY and craft blog, but it’s more to that to me.  I’m trying to tell the world about these insanely creative and talented women. My goal is to give as many women as possible their day in the spotlight and say “thank you” for sharing their amazing tutorials and ideas.

8. How do I get featured on Tip Junkie?

Being featured on Tip Junkie is easy! You can submit your tip through the submit form, or a faster way to be featured is to post your tutorial right on one of the sister sites. Here are the links:

  • Submit a Free Printable ~ Tip Junkie Printables
  • Submit a Homemade Gift Pattern ~ Tip Junkie Homemade Gift Guide
  • Submit an HGTV type Decorating Tutorial ~ Tip Junkie Decorate
  • Submit a Party Idea ~ Tip Junkie Parties
  • Submit an Edible Craft Recipe ~ Tip Junkie Edible Crafts

9. What kind of exposure will being featured on Tip Junkie give me?

In all honesty it depends on what you submit to be featured.  My dear friend Julie texted me screen shot of her stats one day when she was featured on the Tip Junkie Decorate site, her feature brought her 1000 page views in one day directly from Tip Junkie.  She still gets clicks over to her blog from that feature.

All features also go over to the Tip Junkie Facebook page which has an incredibly loyal and enthusiastic following.  I have had features get up to 32,000 impressions in 12 hours before.  So, it’s worth a shot to submit one of your ideas, right?!?

Thank you so much for reading this FAQ and for your interest in the Go Bar.  I hope you can feel my passion for promoting women and can see a bit of my vision for helping the world see what you’ve made!  I want to help memories endure and make the online world a little more beautiful.  {wink}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

Creating Memories that Endure,


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