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Bathroom {Art} Printables

How to quickly decorate your bathroom with these free printable Fun Barthroom Art!  It’ also makes a great reminder for your kids.  Printables for your bathroom and little “How to” reminders of how it all works.

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You Will Need...

  • printer or send out to photo printer
Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    Click the "inspired by" blog link and then simply right-click the image your want to save it to your computer. These will Print as an 8x10.


  1. Heather Shields
    Heather Shields

    I love these and I’m hoping they will inspire my boys *coughhusbandcough* to have better bathroom etiquette!

  2. Laurie Turk
    Laurie Turk

    Hey Ladies,

    I added Adrienne’s blog link to the “inspired by” section so you can print off the adorable printables she made and uploaded for us all to favorite. {YAY!}

    TO Print: On her blog, simply right-click any of the images you want and save it to your computer to print out for free.

    ~ the Tip Junkie

  3. Harvest Perillo
    Harvest Perillo

    I can’t seem to find it either.

  4. Alena Murphy

    I just tried to print these and I can’t seem to get this to print out the individual art. It prints it just like the picture is shown. Please help!

  5. Jaclyn Pulkrabek
    jaclyn pulkrabek

    I don’t see the printable here. Am I missing it?

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