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Creative Ways to Paint Children’s Furniture

All you need is some great painter’s tape and awesome paint and you can paint beautiful and whimsical furniture pieces for your child’s room. In my tutorial, I give you easy tips and tricks for turning your child’s furniture into something extraordinary.

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You Will Need...

  • Great painter's tape (I use ScotchBlue with Edge-Lock)
  • Good paint (I use Velvet Finishes for Furniture)
  • Paint brush (I use trim paint brush)
Estimated Time:

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  1. Diane Livingston
    Diane Livingston

    I love it. I use to have my teenager furniture and I sold it at a store that would give you a huge profit. It was French Proventil and if I had it today because it was a good piece of furniture, however, I just didn’t need it any more. I would have painted the drawers different colors, or I would have really liked this idea.

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