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4 Alternatives for People Who Want More Than Netflix

Netflix has virtually become synonymous with streaming videos online. They are among the top streaming sites on the internet, with a good mixture of TV shows, movies and original content at fair prices. Their platform is supported by almost any device that has a screen, including phones, laptops and tablets. However, lately there have been new competitors in the streaming business. There are alternatives to Netflix and each of them is unique in its own way. You can give them a try without having to subscribe, as most of them offer free trials for 14 or 30 days. So, here are four Netflix alternatives you should check out.

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    Hulu Plus

    One of Netflix’s biggest rivals, Hulu, was launched in 2008 as a part of partnership amongst several TV networks. Hulu currently offers new episodes of TV shows that are airing on TV right now; usually a day after the premiere, which is something that no other streaming network can boast. To stay relevant while Netflix is around, you have to invest in original content, which is something that Hulu has also been doing. They don’t offer some of the top rated TV shows, and their movie selection is smaller than Netflix’s, but they do have a great selection from Criterion Collection.

    You can watch their content on your computer for free, but if you wish to use other devices you will need a paid account which costs $7.99 per month. Even if you are a paid user, you can’t remove ads from the shows.

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    Amazon Instant Video

    Amazon really invested in the streaming business after they revealed Kindle Fire to the world. Amazon Prime Instant Video is a very appealing bundle because it comes with a lot of interesting stuff. If you pay for one year of Amazon Prime, you will have access to Amazon’s huge library, free two-day shipping and many other bonuses. This free library is excellent because it also offers previous seasons of HBO shows, which is something that none of the other platforms offer, not even Netflix. Amazon also invested a lot of money in original content by producing, among other things, a new show with the original cast of Top Gear.

    Their library has both free and paid content, and it allows you to rent or buy movies and TV shows and add them to your library. If you rent one of their videos and it has buffering problems, Amazon will detect the issue and give you a refund without first making your life difficult.

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    One of Walmart’s products, Vudu is an up-and-coming video streaming platform still new in the business and still not considered to be a true rival to Netflix. The content they offer is very similar to other streaming platforms. Their app can be used on set-top boxes, like Roku, and you can also use it on gaming consoles. Vudu was previously in charge of the production of their hardware but luckily for them, that has changed. You don’t need to subscribe to use their services.

    One thing that is interesting when it comes to Vudu, is Ultraviolet. This is a service that gives you digital versions of any physical media you previously bought. Any movies you purchased from an Ultraviolet retailer can be watched on Vudu, and your library can be shared with 5 of your friends.

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    If you prefer theatre to movies, then Cennarium is for you. This platform collects the finest performances from theatres around the world and delivers them to your streaming device. They bring you the joy of theatre going without having to buy tickets, drive up to the place or look for parking; all you need to do is sit in your chair and enjoy the show. They add new shows weekly, and you can also see some exclusive content, sneak peeks and behind the scenes from some of your favorite shows.

    You can also vote and comment on shows and let your voice be heard. So if you like theatre but don’t want to have to dress up for it, you can use Cennarium to stream theatre online from your home.

    There are many alternatives to Netflix. One important factor that will determine your choice is what is it that you wish to watch. Some platforms offer TV shows that can’t be watched anywhere else, while others stream theatre performances. Now that you know what their selection looks like, you can easily make that choice.

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