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How to Decorate With Drapes

Whilst they aren’t always thought of with quite the same consideration as other areas of a design, the way that windows are presented can have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of any room.

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  • Step 1

    Drapes are an ideal way to achieve certain effects, especially those that are a bit more traditional. That’s why we’ve put together this piece on how to use drapes within your own design: Consider the colours.
  • Step 2

    Because they’re naturally a bit thicker than conventional curtains, drapes can lean too far towards visual heaviness if not used within the right colour schemes. Lighter colours are often beneficial, as they’ll stop the drapes looking too funereal, which is not an image you want in a living room or kitchen!
  • Step 3

    Using them in brighter colour schemes such as those adorned with light greens or purples can actually have a very regent-like effect, which is ideal for a home which generally has a more traditional look. It’s also a good look for offices of businesses which are more old-fashioned, such as those involved in finance or law.
  • Step 4

    Dark means drama. Whilst we’ve noted above that dark colours often take on quite a heavy look, that doesn’t mean that on occasion they can’t actually work very well. Many contemporary designs are actually focused on dark colours and the sharp contrast between blacks and whites. Within this sort of aesthetic, drapes can really look the part, adding an extra level of contrast to the aesthetic standard thin curtains just can’t.
  • Step 5

    Consider the feminine side. Whilst drapes are often painted as being quite masculine (as in strong, plain darkish colours) they can actually work quite effectively in more feminine and floral designs. If you shop around in the right places, floral drapes can easily be picked up.
  • Step 6

    Work out which room will suit them. Drapes are surprisingly versatile, and can combine well with a fair few different types of designs. However, you’ll need to work out which rooms will fit in with the material in terms of purpose and structure, as some will simply suit conventional curtains more.
  • Step 7

    A bright kitchen, for instance, could benefit from a bit of extra depth in the form of black (or very dark) drapes, especially as they will enable you to let in different degrees of light – they’re ideal for the winter months when you want something thicker to keep the heat in, too!
  • Step 8

    They’re not just for windows! Unlike curtains, drapes can actually be used in a variety of different areas rather than just within the window. It’s quite common for them to be used as the hang-downs in a four-poster bed, which is ideal for helping to break up a room.
  • Step 9

    t’s also worth considering how to hang the drapes, as this can have a big effect on the aesthetic of the room. Larger, more decorative hangers will naturally portray a more old-fashioned aesthetic, where as thinner hangers will suit the more modern rooms.

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