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Making a Cat Friendly Home

When adopting a cat you have to adjust your home to their needs. Otherwise, the cats might get bored, start scratching your furniture and start knocking stuff off the dresser and shelves. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own personal space for the sake of your feline friend; you simply have to find the balance, create safe environment and provide some entertainment.

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  • Step 1

    Even though cats tend to take care of themselves, you have to provide some safety for your cats; especially if that is their new surroundings. Install cat flaps on few of the doors so you can provide them a safe way to go outside and get back in. Also, install safety locks on cabinets and doors to keep the cats from reaching for cleaning products, food or dangerous appliances. If you have any toxic plants and chemicals in your home, small fragile objects or any items that could present a choking hazard, make sure to get rid of all those and keep your pet safe.
  • Step 2

    Cats are pretty active and they are natural explorers. Any new terrain or area will catch their curiosity and they will spend a lot of time climbing and jumping up and down in your home. Sometimes, all this energy and curiosity could lead to a lot of mess in your house, so make sure to provide plenty of space for play. Place several tall scratching posts, set up high shelves on the walls reserved just for the cats and add a few ramps and walkways to keep your cat busy. Also, don’t forget to have enough toys lying around the floor so they would catch the cat’s attention and entertain her.
  • Step 3

    It is well known that cats can spend more than 18 hours a day sleeping, so make sure your home is comfortable enough. All of them will prefer a soft and warm place where they can rest without being disturbed. Observe the places where you cat likes sleeping the most and think about placing several comfortable cat beds around the house. Usually, those places will be near the heater, radiators or right in front of the windows where it is usually sunny. Additionally, your cats will feel more comfortable if their beds have familiar scents, so put your linen or a shirt to cover the bed and provide a safe place for your cat to rest.
  • Step 4

    Cats value their privacy and they are usually not as social as dogs. They will desire their time alone, and they are quite shy when it comes to their bathroom time or eating. Your job here is to provide a safe place for their litter box where they are isolated and alone so they wouldn’t be disturbed. Their food bowl should be always accessible and visible, but still in an isolated area.
  • Step 5

    Animals, especially cats, cherish and require their freedom, so don’t keep your pets locked inside all the time. You might think is additional safety measure to never let the cat outside, but that won’t make them happy. In order to feel good and to function properly, cats will need to spend quite a lot of time outside. You can even create a safe play zone in your garden and always remember to allow your cat to move around freely. It may seem that the cats are extremely needy, but they only require a few things: a warm place to sleep, entertainment and some privacy. All these can be easily integrated into your own personal space so don’t hesitate and make your home a true heaven for your cats.

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