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No Sew T-Shirt Headbands

Use old, leftover t-shirts to make some cute headbands. No sewing required, so it is fast and easy. There’s no point in throwing away tees when you can use them for adorable headbands. With a project this easy, you can make one for every outfit!

You Will Need...

  • pieces of an old tee shirt
  • sciessors
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks for your glue gun
  • measuring tape or a length of yarn or string to measure your head with
Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    Lay your T-shirt out flat on your work surface. Cut off the bottom seam.
  • Step 2

    Cut two strips out of the bottom of your t-shirt that are about an inch wide. (give or take, it doesn’t need to be exact). You’ll be cutting through both sides of the t-shirt at the same time here. When you’re done, you’ll have two “t-shirt circles”
  • Step 3

    Cut the seam out of the t-shirt circles, which gives you 4 t-shirt strips
  • Step 4

    stretch them out, which causes the edges to roll
  • Step 5

    group your strips into 2 groups of 2
  • Step 6

    lay out your first group of strips in a “U” shape
  • Step 7

    take the other set of strips and make another “U” shape , intertwining the two groups. (so you have two connected “U” shapes )
  • Step 8

    take your measuring tape and measure the head you’re making the headband for. You want the band to be about an inch or so LESS than needed because the band will stretch. You don’t want it too lose. If you are like me and don’t have a tape measure handy, just take yarn or string, wrap it around your head like it was a headband, cut the string to that length, cut a tiny bit off and use that.
  • Step 9

    Trim the ends of your t-shirt strips to the length you need and warm up that glue gun!
  • Step 10

    put glue on the ends of the strips on one side of your headband and squish them together a bit. Do the same with the other side
  • Step 11

    apply more glue squish both ends together
  • Step 12

    Now you have a headband, but the glued ends are ugly! No worries!
  • Step 13

    find a longish piece from the trimmings from the strips you trimmed, Flatten it out and glue it around the ugly part
  • Step 14

    All done! Put on your head and flaunt how stylish and crafty you are! I guess if you’re feeling fancy, you could sew the ends but hot glue is pretty fun. Until next time, happy crafting~

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