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Lego Game Tongue Tower Tip Junkie

Tongue Tower ~ Lego Game

Grab a bunch of Legos and a craft stick and you’re ready to play this easy game!  It’s Tongue Tower Lego party game and a great Minute to Win It Game you can do at a Lego Birthday Party or just on a day when you need a laugh.

Tongue Tower Lego Game for Kids on Tip Junkie

Materials Needed:

  • Lego Game Signs {free printable}
  • Bucket of Legos
  • Tongue Depressors {or craft sticks}

Tongue Tower Lego Game on Tip Junkie

How to Play:

With a tongue depressor {or craft stick} in their mouth, build a tower of five Legos and balance it for ten seconds. The first one finished, wins!

Difficulty: A Kid Can Make
Budget: Cheap
Estimated Time: 30 Minutes
Person: Child

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