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Whew!  February is here and it’s time to take a breather.  Let’s dot those i’s and cross those t’s!  {{wink}}  Tip Junkie is here to help as Your Personal Assistant. Take a day and really plan and organize your schedule. Here are some of the things to do! 



1.  Can you believe it’s already February?  If you’’re wanting to be more organized then print off the Executive Homemaker binder where you can keep track of everything in one place as well as printable worksheets to help keep  you organized and on task.  Don’t forget to download my Free Printable 2016 Calendar!  It’s sure to keep your events straight!

2.  Let’’s start the month off right and make a list of the things that are causing you added stress. Make a list of the big ones as well as the little ones. Is something in the house that’s broken, is there an insurance issue you need to take care of, do you need an extra trash can upstairs to help keep things tidy?

Once you’’ve thought it out and made your list, plan a day this week as your “ongoing problem day” and finally resolve those issues that need to be resolved. You’ll be glad that you did!

3. Print out your free Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual cleaning checklist. And if you need it, you can also print out a free Stain Removal Guide. I also have several amazing Chore Charts for Kids that you can print out.

4.  Check birthdays for the month, buy cards & presents, get them ready to mail or deliver. If you have a child’s birthday this month, plan it and get out the invites.

5.  If you want to get a space in your house organized, these ideas might help!  25 Ways to Organize with a Clipboard, Best Kitchen Organization Ideas, 10 Closet Spaces and How to Organize Them, 16 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room, 10 Easy and Creative Playroom Spaces, 13 Organized Kids Playroom Ideas, 16 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room, and 10 Stylish Family Schedule and Command Center Ideas.  These 21 Free Labels to Get Your Organized are Fantastic, and 21 Best Organization Hacks?  Blows my mind!

Moments that Matter

6. Let’s get clicky with my Moments that Matter Photo Challenge. Capture moments that matter from your camera phone. Since the new year is a great time to capture Moments that Matter, AND get ORGANIZED, I’’ve picked a word each day that we can all capture with our camera phones to help us photo journal these joyous moments, AS WELL AS a phrase a day to help stay ORGANIZED. Share them or keep them for yourself, but enjoy the moment!

For more details, click here! Pick either one of the photo journal prompts and click away!

A. Simplify ~ Moments that Matter

B. Productive ~ Your Personal Assistant




Personal Assistant

7.  The winter season can wreak havoc on your skin!   Here are  80 Bath Salt and Sugar Scrub Recipes for Great Skin, 14 easy homemade sugar scrub recipes , 16 Homemade Scrubs ~ Sugar, Salt, Facial, and Body Scrubs, 9 Easy Recipes for Homemade Lotion and Skin Cream and 22 Homemade Body Scrub, Masks, and Lotion Recipes to help!

Valentine’s Day Ideas

8.  It’’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day; what you’’re going to make, how you’’re going to decorate, what traditions you’re going to implement, as well as making arrangements for your date and babysitter.  {{Schedule your babysitter now!!}}  Head on over to the Tip Junkie Valentine site for so many Valentine’s Day ideas your heart might just swell. {snicker}  And, I’’ve got a few ideas listed below as well! Valentine Crafts

Fun Traditions to Create Memories for your kids:

10. Clear schedule for book club, girls night out, BUNCO (have you seen this amazing Bunco Party Idea with FREE Printables?), and other rotating activities. Make sure you have child care, your food assignment, etc. Here’s how to start a dinner club.

11. If you are doing a  food storage, time to check the schedule and buy next on the list. Don’t forget to put some cash in there as well.

12. Change AC house filter.

13. Write one grandparent a letter, artwork, or card.

14. Plan Mommy/Son or Daddy/Daughter dates.

15.  It’s award season!  Do something fun with your girlfriends this year and host an Oscar viewing party.  Send out beautiful invites, print out the nominees and have everyone vote before the show.  Have fun prizes and swag.  Here are some fun ideas:  12 Oscar Party Printables, 17 Oscar Party Ideas.


16.  Tip Junkie Food has 91 dinner recipes all with pictured instructions to learn or how to make.

Upcoming Events:



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What do you do in February to really take stock of the year?

Let me know below in the comments or we can chat about it over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. I adore hearing from you and really want to help you plan your month. {{wink}}

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