Easter Recipe76

Easter Bunny Tails {Easter Treats}

Easter Bunny Tails {Easter Treats} These little treats are super cute! Made to look like Easter bunny tails they are a perfect additi… continue reading

Easter Chic Cupcakes {Easter Dessert}

Easter Chic Cupcakes {Easter Dessert} These chick cupcakes are adorable and would make a perfect addition to your Easter dessert tabl… continue reading

Cake Cake Pops {Easter Desserts}

Cake Cake Pops {Easter Desserts} With cake pops being so hot right now these carrot cake pops are perfect for your Easter get togethe… continue reading

Bunny Scones {Easter Recipe}

Lorie A
Bunny Scones {Easter Recipe} A favorite Easter traditions – making bunny scones. Here's a great recipe so you can start a new tradi… continue reading

Bumble Bee Twinkies

Chanda Nielsen
Bumble Bee Twinkies These little desserts are a must for any bee-themed shower or party.  The pictured instructions show you how to make… continue reading

Back to School Twinkie Bus

Chanda Nielsen
Back to School Twinkie Bus Kids will love these Twinkie Buses and it just might get them excited for school!  They can help you put them… continue reading

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Chanda Nielsen
Triple Chocolate Cupcakes Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.  Sounds about right to me {giggle}.  I love how she baked the cupcak… continue reading

Watermelon Cake

Chanda Nielsen
Watermelon Cake This darling cake doesn't just look like a watermelon, it tastes like watermelon too!  And the recipe is really simple -… continue reading

Red White and Blue Snowcone Cupcakes

Chanda Nielsen
Red White and Blue Snowcone Cupcakes I seriously had to look twice when I saw these "cupcakes".  They look like real snow-cones, don't t… continue reading
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