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Hi, I’m Laurie {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie} and every day you’ll be inspired with creative projects, craft DIY ideas, and homemade tutorials. From home decor, entertaining, birthday parties, gift ideas, giveaways, Mom-preneur products, and more!

How To Make Creative Homemade Tutorials, DIY Projects, and Tips

I’m all about the “little guy” or girl in this case. {wink} I want to promote women who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity. I want to tell the world about woman-owned  products who don’t know how to market them on their own. I want to give each woman an opportunity to be featured, to share their voice, be heard, and validated.

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What Makes Tip Junkie Unique

Thanks to eleven years of brand recognition, Tip Junkie has a powerful audience of talented and influential women. As entrepreneurs and mothers, we are united in our passion for learning new skills, finding creative outlets, and trying new products to enrich our lives.

Laurie has worked with many corporations to help meet their social media and advertising goals. Such companies include Baskin Robbins, Proctor and Gamble, TJ Maxx, GameStop, PayPal, Provo Craft, Sea World, eBay, and Honey Baked Ham.

There are several ways Tip Junkie can promote your company or band.

  • Sponsored Content, Social Amplification, Giveaways
  • Spokesperson, Brand Ambassador
  • Attend Brand Events

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About Laurie Turk

I am a creative soul who has a passion for promoting creative women through their tutorials and products.  I’m proud to be a Texan currently living Houston, Texas, a mom to 3 boys, cruise director for my family, and all around girly-girl. My focus is to create moments that matter for myself, my man, and my children.

I launched Executive Homemaker in 2006 which has over 600 printables for busy moms. Which I later re-branded asTip Junkie Printables. Laurie loves to promote creative women through their fabulous ideas and products with Tip Junkie that features the best tips and tricks from everyday women.

To meet the need of affordable advertising for Mom-prenuers I has created listings on Tip Junkie like the Mom-preneur Shop, Giveaway Directory, Work-at-Home Mom Services, Gift Guides, and Crafty Blog directories.

Laurie’s Speaking Engagements:

  • SITScation – Create Your Own Blogging Experience
  • BlissDom ~ Connecting Your Community of Readers
  • Bloggy Boot Camp ‘ Phoenix ~ Mom-preneur Track EVO ’10 ~ The Evolution of Community
  • The Creative Connection Event  ~ Social Media Correspondent
  • Bloggy Boot Camp ~ Austin  ~ Bloggers Tool Kit
  • Bloggy Boot Camp  ~ St. Louis, Philadelphia, Dallas, Las Vegas

After years of helping women make money online, I decided to take a break from my fears of public speaking and the spotlight.  Tip Junkie hit 10 million page views a month in and I was exhausted!  Seeing that all my hard work had paid off and I met my ultimate goal of creating passive income to pay for my boys medical bills ~ I decided to put the company in auto-pilot and focus on raising teen boys.    Now that my boys are graduating, I’m ready to go back to work and do what I am so passionate about = Promoting Creative Women!

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Frequently Asked Questions {Q&A}

Hopefully this little Q&A will take you behind the scenes and give you further insight to the Tip Junkie blog and how to navigate and participate in it.  We want you to make this your crafty home-away-from-home!  {giggle}

1. Why did I start Tip Junkie?  I started a personal blog in 2007 and immediately found the most beautiful and creative women online.  A month later, I started Tip Junkie on a blogspot blog because I wanted to talk more about what I was learning and the creative ideas I was finding on other blogs.  I’d much rather talk about other creative souls and learn something new than talk about myself.  Thus Tip Junkie was born!

2. How is Tip Junkie designed to be used and how can I be featured?

Tip Junkie is an aggregated website which features bloggers and registered members’ step-by-step pictured tutorials.  To be featured, simply register and upload your tutorials, ideas, and products into your craft room.  Your profile will eventually become a digital timeline of everything you’ve created throughout your life!  Parties you’ve hosted, homemade gifts, favorite recipes, and moments that matter.

Once you’ve added a project into your craft room, click the “feature on tip Junkie” box to be considered as a feature.  Most submissions are accepted as long as they are family friendly and haven’t been featured several times already.

3. What features on Tip Junkie can I take advantage of? 

Do you know that Tip Junkie has several darling blog buttons for you to proudly display on your blog? Yep, that’s right. I’m a bit of a blog button addict, as I love creating new ones to beautify things here on Tip Junkie.  They just make me smile!

My Craft Room Projects on Tip Junkie

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="My Craft Room on Tip Junkie" border="0"/>></a>

If you have a blog, feel free to copy and paste the HTML code in a post or on the sidebar of your blog.  You would be doing me a huge favor with your link love and referrals.  I would be most grateful!  {{hugs}}

Tip:  Change the first URL in the code to your Tip Junkie Craft Room link.  This will automatically link the button to your personal craft room.  {high fives}

I Was Featured!

Have you been featured on Tip Junkie?  Then you deserve this crafty badge of honor. Feel free to share your I was featured on Tip Junkie badge on your blog, Facebook, or Instagram. You earned it!  {knuckle bumps}

When you share your badge, be sure to share the link to your craft room too.  Your friends and family can follow you on Tip Junkie and bookmark your latest projects to quickly find later.

I was featured on Tip Junkie

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="How To Craft Tip Junkie" border="0"/></a>

Tip:  Change the first URL in the code to the Tip Junkie Post or Facebook Link where you were featured.  This will automatically link the button to your specific featured day.  {shoot yeah!}

Tuesday Linky Party

I think there’s been a bit of confusion about the “Tip Me Tuesday” handmade linky party.  Every Tuesday, everyone is welcome to add their blog links to their handmade projects, parties, recipes, or other DIY projects here on Tip Junkie.

What’s in it for you?  The benefit is that you get traffic from my readers, I go through them and bookmark my favorites to be featured (sending you more readers,) AND feature my Top 10 favorites in a round-up post.  We all benefit by being inspired by the smorgasbord of crafty ideas.


<a href=""><img src="" alt="Tip Junkie Handmade Projects" width="200" height="200" border="0" /></a>

The proper etiquette when adding your blog link to a linky party, is to add the button of the host to YOUR blog post and/or sidebar.  Therefore, it’s a win/win situation!

If you choose to link up your blog post on Tuesdays, this is the button code that you’ll need to add to that specific post.  Thanks, girl!


<a href=""><img src="" alt="Tip Junkie Handmade Projects" width="200" height="200" border="0" /></a>

If you’ve made the Top 10 Projects to make this week… you derve a badge of honor!  With up to 900 links to sift through, your project must have been over-the-top impressive to be one of the Top 10!

Tip:  Change the first URL in the code to the Top 10 Project post where you were featured.  This will automatically link the button to your specific featured day.  {shoot yeah!}

Your Personal Assistant

Once a month, I post a personal assistant article that gives you a leg up on the month.  It gives you links on the current holiday and helps you get your life organized with several tools and worksheets.  It’s also a good reminder {or nudge} to do your monthly routines on time.  {{wink}}

personal assistant button

<a href="/category/personal-assistant/" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="personal assistant" border="0"/></a>

4. How can readers subscribe and find out what’s new?

Enter your Email I post 7 days a week so there’s constantly new and amazing ideas to be inspired by. If you’d like to receive these updates in your e-mail, type in your e-mail address in the box above. You can also add me to your Bloglines & Google Reader accounts to receive a daily feed.

5. Where should readers start? Tip Junkie is jam-packed with information. I would first look at your upcoming events and search for them on Tip Junkie to see if I can add any “glitter” to those ideas and make them Over The Top (OTT) fabulous. If your calendar is empty, start with the Top Ten Tips for Junkie’s like me. That’s a list of all my favorite tips & ideas on Tip Junkie.

6. I have an Etsy store or Website can I submit a product to be featured? Here’s how to sign up to be featured as an Expert or Mom-preuner on Tip Junkie. Want to guest post? Here’s how.

7. I make/sell some products would you be willing to host a giveaway? All giveaways on Tip Junkie must be over $75 in value. Here’s how to host a giveaway on Tip Junkie. {Check for giveaway winners here}. I have the best readers around and I am so grateful for their continuous support. xoxo Laurie

Memories That Matter eBook by Tip Junkie

Why the Tip Junkie Girl?

I created Tip Junkie for all of the above reasons and because my mother is one of the most creative and talented women I know.  She can paint a mural, sew a wedding dress, and decorate the most amazing cakes.  However, growing up she couldn’t charge people for her talents even when we needed the money desperately.   It was heartbreaking.

Therefore, I  wanted to create a space where women could set a fee for their products and services and I would do all the marketing for them!  Great idea, right?!?  I thought so too.  After a few months of creating I realize that I was building  {bwaahaa!!}  I was so relieved because it was a TON of work.  So with the new found confidence that women were taken care of ~ I switched my efforts to online marketing and creating an online community where women could be celebrated for their talents, passions, and handmade creations.

I used the cartoon version of the Tip Junkie girl because I don’t have a daughter of my own.  My three boys are amazing, and crazy, and keep me on my toes. However, I needed a creative outlet where I could do all the girly-girl things that my soul aches for.  If you’re interested, you can read more about my journey in my free ebook Memories that Endure are Moments that Matter.  The Tip Junkie girl wears everything I pick our for her ~ without complaint. {giggle}  Obeys my every whim and has introduced me to some of the most amazing women both off and online.    I’m humbled and honored to have her in my life.  My goal is to help others feel the same.

P.S.  Join the conversations over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials you need.

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