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You know that I love promoting women.  I immediately fell in love with blogging because of all the amazing and talented women I discover every day.  These women have so much to give and I want to share them with the world and help promote them!

Therefore, every week I will be spotlighting and featuring an Expert as well as Mom-preneur of the Week.  {squeal in delight}   No, you don’t have to be a “mom” but you do have to be a woman.  Mom-preneur is simply a term of endearment here on TipJunkie.

If you would like to participate, fill out the form below.

Everyone reading can participate! {yep, that means you! HA!}  Even if you don’t sell a product or want to be known as an expert ~ Feel free to also nominate your favorite blogger or Etsy shop.  Simply leave a comment or fill out the form below and click nominate favorite blogger or shop under “Mom-preneur or Expert of the Week” section of the form.  You can fill your information in the required fields or type in “nominate” where applicable.

I will contact them to see if they’d like to participate and be featured.  Isn’t this so FUN!


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Tip Junkie Expert

I’m looking for women who specialize in a specific niche and would like to be known as an expert in their field. Tip Junkie will promote one expert each week.  If chosen, you will have an assigned week when I will promote the heck out of you in conjunction with your tutorial or mini class that will be featured.  You are free to choose any tutorial, make over, gift idea, or instructional how-to of your choice – just keep it fun, fabulous, and relevant to your category.

Tip:  I have found that Experts gain extra exposure with a 3-4 part series and video.  However, this is not necessary or required.  It’s your week on Tip Junkie so feel free to make the most of it. {wink}


Mom-preneur of the Week

I’m also looking to promote women in business who sell products for one Mom-preneur of the week! There is no cost associated with being featured, however two prizes over a $75 value {each} will be required.

The first product will be given away to one of our fabulous readers.   The second will be shipped to me so I can do a Giveaway Video showcasing your amazing product and announcing your feature and giveaways.  However, I won’t keep it because we’ll add to your exposure by giving it away on one of our social media channels.  {whoohoo!}

There are MANY perks in participating in these programs.  If you are interested, please fill out the form above with your name, blog or site address, and a little about yourself.  Give me a week to go through the submissions and then I’ll contact each one of you and we’ll get started!

I’m so excited about promoting these women and helping them in their passions and pursuits!  I hope you’ll also support them by checking out their blogs and shops and participating in the giveaways.

Laurie Turk the Tip Junkie
Promoting creative women through their tutorials,
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~ Laurie  {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}
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P.S. Join the conversations over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials you need.

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