Arts and crafts are so much fun to make with these pictured step-by-step instructions. These DIY and craft projects include activities for kids, handmade projects, family traditions, crafts by material, kids crafts by theme, preschool crafts, all to create moments that matter.

Reusable fabric bowl covers

Create a personalized fabric bowl cover so that you can tote your side dishes to potlucks and barbecues in style! Make your own customized fabric covers with this easy and quick reusable bowl covers tutorial!

How to Make a Pillow

Pillows are cheap and easy to make, and a great way for a beginner to practice his or her sewing skills. If you don’t know how to sew, you can try making a fringed, tied pillow instead. Once you know the basics of pillow-making, you can even make an envelope pillowcase!

How To Decoupage & Design An Ordinary Box

Reusing ordinary boxes & making them useful again is a fun craft idea. I don’t usually throw out beautiful plain boxes. I prefer decorating them with available craft supplies. After decorating any box, You can organize something inside or use it as a gift box too. Decoupage is a very interesting paper crafting technique as

Tip Me Tuesday ~ Add Yours!

It’s that time again! It’s “Tip Me Tuesday” where you show off what you made last week. Link up your creative ideas, printables, parties, and  DIY tutorials.  {anything except giveaways or shop listings or services ~ click those links to add} In order to play properly, add a link back!  A simple Tip Me Tuesday text link at the

Bohemian Pom-Poms

Tired of the same ol’ pom-poms? Why not making a hip,bohemian ones? For this project I used not only different sizes of yarn but threw in textured fabric and other materials. Join me for an interesting and eye-catching project!

Bra Wires into Bohemian Necklaces

You, my veteran followers, know I come up with the weirdest (or should I say the most practical) ideas when it comes to reusing / repurposing something. So if you were attracted by the title of this post… Yes.. it’s true. I made necklaces using brassiere wires. Well, don’t be so surprised because this isn’t anything

Top Ten Crafts to Make This Week

Last weeks Tip Me Tuesday linky party grew to over 165 tutorials.  Whoohoo!  I just love a linky party where I meet new creative women.  So today I’m featuring my top 10 crafts to make this week. Yep, they are my top 10 favorite crafts, parties, recipes, free files, and DIY tutorials from Tip Me Tuesday!

Top 10 Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes

One of my families favorite fall traditions is carving pumpkins and roasting the pumpkin seeds. For some of us the roasted pumpkin seeds is the best part. {{giggle}} Here are 10 recipes for roasting your pumpkin seeds, so don’t throw them away your after carving your jack-o-lanterns because these tasty recipes are not only healthy for

11 Fun Ideas to Paint Toys

Looking to makeover or freshen up your kids’ toys? One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways is to add a fresh coat of paint. Here are some makeover ideas using non-toxic paint, chalk paint, and spray paint to refresh the toys you already have at home. I’ve even included painting ideas for homemade toys.

Crochet Sweater (Pullover) Free Pattern

Do you have favorite sweaters? I do. And today I would like to share one with you. If you haven’t enough time for crocheting or you have no idea what to crochet next, so this project for you.

Inexpensive Tricks for a Backyard Makeover

When it comes to home improvement, most of us prioritize the interior and often the outdoor spaces, like patios and backyards become a storage space where all sort of undesired objects lay around. However, a nice makeover of that extra space is possible with little money and some imagination. If you don’t feel creative enough,

How To Use Waterproof Retractable Awnings In Making A Beautiful Pergola

With summer starting to peek its way over the horizon, we’re all starting to think about how we can enhance our outdoor areas for the nice weather ahead. Whilst a pergola is a fantastic structure for outdoor entertaining during the summer months, they often don’t have as much protection as we would like. This is

What on Earth is TapuTapu? | Universal Orlando Volcano Bay

If you plan a visit to Universal’s Volcano Bay in the near future, you’ll definitely need to know about the TapuTapu™. The TapuTapu is an integral part of your experience within the park. If you are wondering “What is the TapuTapu?”, “How do you TapuTapu?”, and “Who wears the TapuTapu?”, you are in luck! We

Homemade natural drain cleaner

Hate the toxic, chemical drain cleaners? These simple and natural homemade drain opener methods will unclog and clean a drain the healthy, safe way!