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PR Welcome:

Hi, I am Laurie Turk {a.k.a. The Tip Junkie} and I love to work with brands and corporations as my readers look to me for new and informative information daily.  To name drop a few companies, I have worked with:  Proctor & Gamble – Fabric Care University with Tide and Tim Gunn, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, Pepperidge Farm, PayPal and Bill Me Later, Chevy,  Clorox, Charming Charlie,  GameStop, Pledge, to name a few.

If you would like to work with me on a brand campaign, feel free to contact me via my submit form or directly at Laurie [at] TipJunkie [dot] com.

Tip Junkie Has Influence!

  • Yep, I can prove it.  Tip Junkie has some crazy good Klout, a score of 69.
  • Tip Junkie was also ranked #2 Best DIY blog on Babble’s Top 50 Mom Blogs in 2011.
  • Tip Junkie is a showcased blog design on StudioPress.com

One page media kit Tip Junkie

Laurie’s One Page Media Kit

I work with large companies and conduct social media campaigns all the time.  If you would like more information, Tip Junkie stats and reach, as well as how I can promote your company, check out my Download .  I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can work together.

Full Disclosure

To be in compliance with the recent FTC ruling that bloggers need to disclose if they are being paid or compensated for their posts, the following is my full disclosure policy and how I do business:

Tip Junkie is a blog written and edited by me, Laurie Turk, a.k.a. the Tip Junkie. Its sole purpose is to promote the fabulously creative women, businesses,  and newest products.

  • I’m all about the “little guy” or girl in this case. {{wink}} I want to promote women who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity. I want to tell the world about women’s products who don’t know how to market them on their own. I want to give each woman an opportunity to be featured, to share their voice, be heard, and validated. Therefore, the majority of my daily features are just lovely tutorials that I have found blog-jogging and I think you should know about.
  • Naturally, I have to make some grocery money to justify the crazy number of hours I work on this blog. Therefore, Tip Junkie accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions and other forms of compensation. For example, the “Laurie Recommends” are sponsor buttons on my sidebar. Also, you’ll know when I do a paid post because it will be distinguished as a”sponsored” or paid post. All compensation agreed upon is for my time to create the content. Time is money, honey.
  • I will never be influenced by any form of compensation. I have strong opinions and integrity, therefore I will be honest in my judgment and recommendations to my readers. You can be assured that if I don’t love the product AND there’s nothing in it for my readers – I won’t promote them. Period. Providing quality and relevant content for my readers is extremely important and can be expected on Tip Junkie 5 days a week.
  • I do participate in fun campaigns with companies that I believe uplift women and provide them with fabulous & free products and/or opportunities that will elevate them as a blogger. You can be assured that there will always be “something in it” for Tip Junkie readers. I was taught to share. {{wink}} These paid promotions will be distinguished as “campaigns”.
  • All Mom-preneurs featured on Tip Junkie are members of the Tip Junkie Mom-preneur shops who pay a tiny monthly fee to be a member. I only feature Tip Junkie Mom-preneurs. The reason is, there are so many fabulous women who sell products! I had to come up with a system to only promote those who are serious about their business as well as find a way to pay for a webmaster to maintain the structure of the site.
  • Occasionally, I’m given products, cash, gift cards, services, and trips in exchange for advertising and social media announcements. I will always write my honest opinions and experiences. The opinions expressed by me on this blog or in social media are purely my own. I believe in being my authentic self and strive to live up to that expectation every day. Lastly, this blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

For questions about this blog, feel free to contact me via my submit form or directly at Laurie [at] TipJunkie [dot] com.

Laurie Turk

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