Free patterns to learn how to sew, crochet, knit, which also include easy no-sew tutorials with pictured instructions on how to make. These make great homemade gifts and DIY projects to learn with beginner to advanced patterns.

Small Canvas Tote Bag Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

This canvas tote bag is a right accessory to keep up with the current trend which is for small bags, crossbody wallets, and small backpacks. I made this bag so it would be small to carry with the option of having it cross over the body. There’s enough room for a pair of sunglasses, phone,

Belle Sleeve Top Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

The focus of this tutorial is to teach you how to transform an existing pattern to adapt it to the bell sleeve top design. It’s time to use the patterns you already have and learn how to alter them to come up with different outfits. I have chosen the bell sleeve style because it is

TJ Community: Crochet Week

It’s Crochet week here on Tip Junkie and I’ve got an incredibly talented Expert to help us learn something new.  {squeal in delight}  I hope you’ll give a proper Tip Junkie welcome to Maya who will be giving of her time and talent by leaving her a kind comment below and clicking on her links. {high

Halloween Witch Hat {free sewing pattern}

Halloween is just around the corner and this year I’m determined to scare the living daylights out of my neighbor’s kids (all in good fun, of course..). For this, I’m definitely going to need a Halloween witch hat pattern. I have provided you with three variations of this hat, but they all fit an adult

10 Easy Messy Bun Hat Patterns [Crochet & Knit]

How to make messy bun hats, also known as ponytail hats. Use these free patterns to create your own winter beanie in a fun hip hop style. These messy bun designs include both crochet and knit hats that are super fabulous and on trend. You’ll love to wear these hats, and they’ll keep you warm!  {{knuckle bumps}} Grab

The High-Low T-Shirt FREE Pattern and Tutorial

The High-Low T-shirt is the perfect item to hide your panty line. Let’s face it, girls, sometimes depending on the mood and “time of the month,” we feel like wearing an underwear that leaves us with the dreaded panty line. We’re not always in the mood for a tiny g-string, a sports undergarment, or a

12 DIY Prom Dresses & Boutonnieres

How to make prom dresses and boutonnieres for prom complete with pictured instructions has never been so easy. Making your own dress and boutonniere is a great way to show your own creativity and save some cash! Did you know that old dresses are a great resource for making a new one? Use these free patterns to create

9 DIY Dog Bandana Patterns

How to make diy dog bandana and vests for dogs complete with pictured instructions has never been so easy. These diy dog bandana’s are made out of soft comfortable material. So, your furry companion(s) will love wearing them. They would also make thoughtful gifts for pet lovers. {wink} Grab your sewing materials, you are going to love making any

17 Easy Sewing Projects to Make

These easy sewing projects are perfect for a beginner or someone who is short on time and just wants to make a quick project.  The easy sewing projects are so adorable I don’t know how you’d choose which one to make first, though.  Several of these projects are even appropriate for children to make. Grab your sewing materials,

9 DIY Boot Cuffs Tutorials

How to make DIY Boot Cuffs, are easier than you’d think, especially if you upcycle! Did you know that old sweaters are a great resource for making DIY boot socks? Use these free patterns to create your own DIY boot cuffs in a fun trendy style.  These designs include upcycled, lacy, crocheted and knitted boot cuffs. You’ll love to wear them

6 Mitten Sewing Patterns From Old Sweaters

How to make mitten sewing pattern, and comfy smitten from upcycled sweaters complete with pictured instructions on how to make for homemade gifts. Use these free patterns to create your own sweater mittens in a fun trendy style.  These designs include convertible mittens, dip-dyed mittens and even fingerless mittens that are super fabulous.  You’ll love to wear them and they’ll keep you warm!  {{knuckle

12 How to Sew Ruffles the Easy Way

Free ruffle patterns perfect for gift giving or decorating your home. These free patterns will help you to be sewing ruffles in no time at all. Ruffles are so feminine and so lovely!  These patterns make excellent homemade gifts from the heart that will stand the test time! {{wink}} The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 524 Gifts to Sew and Make with free

8 Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns

Free Christmas cross stitch patterns perfect for gift giving or decorating for the holidays. These beginner cross stitch patterns will help you learn how to cross stitch as well as printable patterns for more advanced designs.    Cross stitch patterns are so lovely and stand the test of time!  These patterns make excellent homemade gifts from the

11 Easy Fleece Projects to Make

Fleece is one of the easiest fabrics to sew and work with. You can make such fun projects, accessories, and gifts when you sew fleece. To get you inspired, here are 11 easy gifts to make with fleece {a sewing how to}. Tip Junkie has 167 fleece patterns including over 314 free patterns all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to