17 Hot Pad Patterns to Crochet and Sew


17 hot pad patterns with pictured instructions on how to make your own pot holders as homemade gifts or oven mitts as a useful kitchen gadget that’s also super cute.

This list of hot pad patterns perfect for your kitchen!  Make these free patterns for yourself or as a homemade gift.  Check out the 17 creative kitchen hot pad patterns and potholders make below.

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DIY Hotpad Patterns to Make

These kitchen hot pad patterns include some really cool designs that you can sew, crochet, no-sew, and make out of fabric scraps, yarn, and even a couple semi-handmade tutorials.

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17 Kitchen Hot Pad Patterns to Make

17 Hotpad Patterns to Crochet and Sew

Yes, kitchen hot pads are great to use in a pinch when a pot, pan, or dish is super hot or super cold.  However, they don’t have to be ugly or square!  I’ve collected a creative list of free patterns that you can make in all kinds of shapes and sizes to use in your kitchen.

What is a hot pad?

Wondering what is a hot pad?  A hot pad is a single, padded cloth used to insulate your hands from hot pots and pans.  They can be any shape and should be made out of materials that aren’t flammable.

Difference between hot pad and pot holder?

The difference between hot pads and pot holders are the number of layers.

Hot pads are single, smaller shaped pieces that can be placed on the table or counter top and double as a heat pad to protect any surface from the hot pans, pots, or dishes.

I’ve already featured pot holders as a thick piece of material, quilted or woven pad, used in handling hot pots and dishes.  Pot holders can have multiple layers and a pocket for your hand to grasp the pot.  

17. Large Hot Pad Pattern

Large Hot Pad Tutorial

Large hot pads are perfect for protecting tables, counter tops and other surfaces from hot casseroles, pots, and pans.

Get tutorial here: Large Hot Pad Tutorial

How to Crochet Hot Pads

Blue Jean Rhapsody Crochet Cast Iron Handle Cover and Hot Pad Set

16. Crochet Cast Iron Pattern Set

Another pretty crochet tutorial that makes a hot pad and a matching cast iron handle cover and it’s also perfect as a gift for men who love to cook.

Get tutorial here: Blue Jean Rhapsody Crochet Cast Iron Handle Cover and Hot Pad Set

15. Crochet Petal Flower Tutorial

Petal Flower Hotpad & Flower Square Crochet Tutorial

This gorgeous crochet pattern is also very functional and it can also be used to decorate your wardrobe or hats.

Get tutorial here: Petal Flower Hot Pad & Flower Square Crochet Tutorial

Crochet Tip:  Be sure not to make potholders in a synthetic yarn, as you can get burned if you make hot pads out of acrylic yarn instead of cotton yarn.

14. Round Crochet Hot Pad Pattern

Winter Opulence Round Crochet Hotpad Pattern

An elegant hot pad crochet pattern that’s perfect as a handmade gift too!

Get tutorial here: Winter Opulence Round Crochet Hot Pad Pattern

13. Mandala Hot Pads Free Crochet Pattern

Chicken Scratch Embroidered Hotpads

Mandalas are so trending right now! Who says you can’t use this style for hot pads?

Get tutorial here: Mandala Hot Pads Free Crochet Pattern

How to Quilt Hot Pads

Folded Star Potholder

12.  Folded Star Pot Holder

This folded star potholder can be made from fabric scraps and you’ll have a lot of fun trying this interesting folding technique.

Get tutorial here: Folded Star Pot Holder

11. Handmade Scrappy Coasters

Handmade Scrappy Coasters

If you love quilting, you’re going to enjoy making these quilt-as-you-go coasters made from fabric scraps.

Get tutorial here: Handmade Scrappy Coasters

10. Scrappy Churn Dash Block Hot Pads

Scrappy Churn Dash Block Hotpads

These scrappy churn dash block hot pads are quilted from fabric scraps so they make an excellent frugal project for the home.

Get tutorial here: Scrappy Churn Dash Block Hot Pads

9. Semi-Handmade Heart Shaped Hot Pads

Heart Shaped Hotpads Ikea Hack

These Valentine hot pads use some cheap Ikea square hot pads and are great as gifts and easy semi-handmade gift.

Get tutorial here: Heart Shaped Hot Pads Ikea Hack

DIY Hot Pads

DIY No-Sew Fried Egg Oven Mitts

8. No-Sew Fried Egg Oven Mitts

These DIY hot pads are no-sew fried egg oven mitts are made using regular oven mitts or pot holders, felt, and fabric glue so basically anyone can make them.

Get tutorial here: DIY No-Sew Fried Egg Oven Mitts

7. No-Sew Hot Pad Or Trivet

Mandala Hotpads Free Crochet Pattern

These super creative hot pads are made with dip dyed upholstery cording which is probably super fun to use and doesn’t require any sewing which makes them an easy DIY hot pad to make.

Get tutorial here: Easy No-Sew Hot Pad Or Trivet

6. Easy $1 Store Hot Pad Hack

Easy DIY Christmas Hotpad Gift

This DIY hot pad is fun but also easy to make and uses only cheap dollar store supplies.

Get tutorial here: Easy DIY Christmas Hot Pad Gift

5. Modern Pot Holders

DIY Modern Pot Holders

A very detailed tutorial that will teach you how to make practical pot holders using insulbrite, cotton batting, cotton fabric, and bias tape.

Get tutorial here: DIY Modern Pot Holders

4. DIY Scented Hot Pads

DIY Scented Hotpads

Scented hot pads look great on the table and they will release your favorite essential oil once you place a hot mug on them.

Get tutorial here: DIY Scented Hot Pads

3. Casserole Dish Pot Holder

Casserole Dish Pot Holder

Having a large pot holder that can hold a casserole dish seems so useful! Try this easy tutorial to make your own.

Get tutorial here: Casserole Dish Pot Holder

2. Apron Hot Pad


Pleated Apron With Built In Hot Pads

This brilliant idea incorporates an apron and double hot pads into one project.  That way, you never set your hot pads down, and they never get lost when you need it most!

Get the pattern here:  Pleated Apron With Built In Hot Pads 


1. Two Handed Casserole Pot Holder

Easy Sew Two-Hand Casserole Pot Holder

I absolutely love this idea. Why use two pot holders when you can have one for both hands?

Get tutorial here: Easy Sew Two-Hand Casserole Pot Holder

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What is an Oven Mitt?

Oven mitts are made of padded cloth, but shaped into mittens {with a thumb} that you can slip your hands into before grabbing the pot or pan. Oven mitts, being oddly shaped and double thick, don’t function well as a table top heat pad.

How to store hot pads?

Wondering how to store hot pads?  You can add a loop onto your hot pad patterns and then you can easily store your hot pads on hooks that are left out for quick convenience.  Other suggestions on storage solutions are in a drawer, on a magnetic hook or regular hook inside a cabinet door.

How to wash hot pads?

Robin shares how to give your pot holders a deep cleaning. Her solution works well if they are greasy and sentimental. I usually throw mine into the washing machine when I wash my rags and heavily soiled items.

What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what free patterns you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.

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