13 Brilliant Ways to Get Kids to Journal


Are you looking for creative ways to help your child make goals or start a great habit of journaling?  Then check out these fun DIY ideas which include cool writing prompts, topics to write about, DIY journals to make and lots of unique journal topics.

This list of journal topics for kids bring you free printable worksheets, topics to write about, and fun writing prompts to encourage your kids to journal. With their engaging topics and quick printables these journals are sure to help capture your child’s thoughts and dreams!  Check out the 13 best DIY journal ideas including creative writing t to make it super fun below.

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13 Brilliant Ways to Get Kids to Journal

Use Writing to Increase Mental Health?

I can share first hand that there are so many benefits to journaling and expressive writing can benefit mental health as it has been found to:

  • Boost mood
  • Enhance sense of well-being
  • Reduce symptoms of depression before an important event (like an exam)
  • Improve your working memory

Personally, a grateful journal even in the simplest form quickly jotted down in the “notes” on my phone can truly help me refocus my thoughts more positively. I’m a huge fan of this technique.  With my teenage boys, I use a simple spiral notebook to write my thoughts and feelings about them and leave at the breakfast table for them to read.  I’ve found it to be a great way to communicate with boys. {wink}

Now that we’ve explored just a couple of the benefits of journaling and the importance of keeping a journal lets get into the DIY fun with free patterns and writing prompts with topics to write about.

13. Growth Mindset Bullet Journal Topics

Growth Mindset Bullet Journal Topics

An amazing collection of bullet journal topics for kids such as a money savings tracker, new experiences, book log, new experiences and more.

Get ideas here: Growth Mindset Bullet Journal Topics For Kids

12. DIY Child’s Prayer Journal

DIY Child's Prayer Journal

This prayer journal will help your child better understand faith and a great way to become more grateful.  It comes with spiritual writing prompts that are age appropriate for children.

Get printables here: DIY Child’s Prayer Journal

11. Astronomy Moon Journal For Kids

Astronomy Moon Journal For Kids

Your kids can have fun while learning the different phases of the moon with this practical printable sheet.

Get printable here: Moon Journal For Kids

10. Focus On The Good Positive Journal

Focus On The Good Positive Journal

As wonderful as childhood might seem, there are good days and bad days. This positivity journal can help little ones focus on the good topics to write about and remain optimistic.

Get printable here: Focus On The Good Positive Journal

How to Make Time to Journal

Figuring out topics to write about isn’t the only issue that can hinder a journal.  Finding the time to create a new habit can be a challenge especially when the right mind set is needed.  Our kids can sometimes be over scheduled during the school year so finding the right time and place can set them up for success.  My suggestion is to prepare a little place and block out the same time every day to reflect.  Maybe right after dinner when they are already sitting down and still might be a good time.

9. Printable Kids Travel Journal

Printable Kids Travel Journal

Traveling during childhood can bring amazing experiences which is why you should encourage little ones to write them down in a gorgeous printable journal like this one.

Get printable here: Printable Kids Travel Journal

8. Mindful Journal For Kids

Mindful Journal For Kids

Kids will have a blast coloring these mindfulness writing prompt pages and these will also help them become more aware of their relationships.

Get tutorial here: Mindful Journal For Kids

7. Kids’ New Years Goals Journal

Kids’ New Years Goals Journal

It’s a good idea to let your children set some goals for the upcoming year and this journal already includes some great writing and drawing prompts.

Get printable here: Kids’ New Years Goals Journal

6. DIY Nature Journal For Kids

DIY Nature Journal For Kids

This amazing nature journal includes over 70 free nature activities and worksheets so your kids can have many hours of educational fun.  Nature is such a great topic to write about for kids.

Get printables here: DIY Nature Journal For Kids

5. Summer Bullet Journal

Summer Bullet Journal

Keeping kids entertained during summer is no easy feat but with this brilliant summer bullet journal, they simply won’t have enough time to get bored.  They can use the writing prompts to doodle, draw, or paragraph writing.

Get ideas here: Summer Bullet Journal

4. DIY Art Book For Kids

DIY Art Book For Kids

If your little ones enjoy painting and drawing making an art journal in which they can keep and sort their creations seems like an excellent idea.

Get tutorial here: DIY Art Book For Kids

3. DIY Journaling Notebook For Kids

DIY Journaling Notebook For Kids

This printable journaling notebook looks absolutely darling and it will definitely improve your child’s handwriting skills.

Get tutorial here: DIY Journaling Notebook For Kids

2. Botanical Wax Paper Bag Journal

Botanical Wax Paper Bag Journal

Writing might be an important skill but it’s not the only one. This botanical wax paper bag journal will tempt your kids into picking more plants and flowers and learn about them!

Get tutorial here: Botanical Wax Paper Bag Journal

1. Summer Reading Journals

Summer Reading Journals

These summer reading journals include some pretty clever writing and drawing prompts so the kids can analyze all those books they’ve read as great topics to write about.

Get tutorial here: Summer Reading Journals

How to Write a Journal?

Finding the best way to journal which works best for you or your kids can take some trial and error.  As there are so many different ways to write a journal.  For instance, some people prefer:

  • fill-in-the-blank writing prompts
  • free printable bullet journal pages
  • space to doodle their ideas
  • traditional hard bound journal book for paragraph writing
  • creative writing prompts which helps to tell a deeper story

Journal Writing Staples

Here are some cool ideas and products that can be included in your very own journal writing experience, here are some of my must-have products. These are products you can buy on Amazon with affiliate links.

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What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what journal ideas and patterns you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.

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I was featured on Tip Junkie

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