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20+ Handmade Christmas Ornaments Using Cardboard!


Handmade Christmas Ornaments don’t need to look cheap or homemade.  Here are several beautiful Christmas ornaments to make using cardboard that would make pretty Christmas tree decorations and gift toppers.

I got a request from Abigail asking for some Cardboard handmade Christmas ornaments and you know how I am to serve. {high fives}  There are so many different ways to make Christmas ornament crafts especially using cardboard.  So Abigail let me know if these are what you’re looking for. I tried to get a variety of Handmade Christmas Ornaments like cardboard only,  Christmas ornament crafts for kids, 3D, congregated, rolled, blinged out and embellished.

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20 homemade cardboard Christmas ornaments

You’ll find all different ways to use cardboard to make cute Christmas ornaments! you’ll find stars, snowflakes, animals, and even photo ornaments!


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#1 Snowflake Ornaments

These Snowflake Ornaments are made from flatten cardboard tubes like paper towel and toilet rolls, cut in 1/4" increments and bend the cardboard into any shape you want.  After you glue it together spray paint them silver metallic spray paint.

You can also use strips of cardboard or paper to make these modern Christmas ornaments in fun shapes.

#2 Own Ornament Crafts

There are so many fun ways you can use these Owl Ornament Crafts.  They are also a fun way to recycle a cardboard box into adorable owl decor. This entire project takes about 15 minutes per owl and they can be made in any size you desire, from tiny tree ornaments to life size!  The tutorial on how to make these homemade ornaments include both written directions as well as a video.

These light bulb homemade Christmas ornaments are so fun and you can watch the video to learn how to make them.

#5 Gingerbread Ornaments

Aubrey has created these Gingerbread Ornaments that you can use as a gift wrapping topper which also doubles as a gift of a homemade Christmas ornament they can use on their tree.  She gives you pictured instructions on how to make this gingerbread man ornament by downloading the gingerbread boy template, trace the template onto a sheet of Corrugated Board, cut out and how to paint.

Also check out Amanda's step by step Corrugated Cardboard Snowman Ornaments tutorial is all inclusive and even gives you a free printable pattern as well as the paint colors she used.  {giddy}

#6 Gingerbread Ornaments

Mark hooks us up with a video on how to make these Gingerbread Ornaments for your Christmas tree.  He even gives you a free printable pattern so you can make them at home easier.

Also check out these DIY Gingerbread Ornaments by Ginnie who's created step by step instructions on how to make ginerbread men and looking homemade ornaments. 

#7 Yarn

Katie shows us how to make these Yarn Homemade Christmas Ornaments which to me look like snowflake ornaments.  She goes into great detail on how to make them with pictured instructions but all you'll need is corrugated cardboard, yarn, and scraps of patterned paper.

#8 Ribbon Handmade Christmas Ornaments

These Ribbon Christmas Ornaments are mostly made from recycled cardboard, paint pen, and ribbon and includes a pictured tutorial on how to make.  

These Christmas Tree Decorations can be made in any shape or animal and are super simple and frugal to make. They kind of look like traditional stitched wooden Christmas decorations you’d pay a small fortune for in the store.

Also check out Jennifer's step by step tutorial shows you how to make this simple Star handmade Christmas ornament.  After cutting out your stars, use a gel pen to embellish! You can do any design you want or you can use her free printable templates.

#9 Photo Ornaments

Creating personalized ornaments do not have to be expensive or time consuming.  Check out this darling DIY Photo Ornaments by Jackie.  She gives you pictured instructions on how to make adorable lollipop photo ornaments using paint, glitter, ribbon, and cardboard.

#10 Printable Christmas Ornament Shapes

Free Printable Christmas Ornament shapes to use as stencils for cardboard or other DIY ornaments.  Simply print them out for handmade Christmas ornaments to make as gifts, cheap ornaments, or activities with kids.  Simple, easy and fun!

You can then take any of these shapes and decorate them any way you'd like.  What about making Handmade Christmas Ornaments from Wrapping Paper.  Randi shows us how to make these cheap Christmas ornaments using cardboard, wrapping paper, ribbon and hot glue.

#12 DIY Christmas Light Tree Ornament

Krista, from The Happy Housie, has a wonderful tutorial on how to make these charming ornaments! You only need a few things to make these cute light ornaments! You'll need:

- Scissors

- Hot glue

- Plastic colored lights

- Twine

- Faux pinecones

- Faux pine needles

- Faux holly berries

Find the tutorial here --> DIY Christmas Light Tree Ornament

#13 Simple Nativity Ornament Craft for Kids

This wonderful ornament craft can be made with either cardboard or cardstock. Lucy, from Coffee With Us 3, made this adorable ornament set! These are so simple that you can make these with your kids! How fun! {Squeals}

Find the tutorial here --> Simple Nativity Ornament Craft for Kids

#19 DIY Angel Ornaments

These DIY Angel Ornaments are so charming! Rachel, from I Heart Crafty Things, has an amazing tutorial on how to make these angel ornaments! These ornaments are a great addition to any family tree!

Find the tutorial here --> DIY Angel Ornaments

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