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9 Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

Hand lettering can look gorgeous if you have the proper skills but those skills are not easy to acquire. Mastering the art of hand lettering can take time but it’s certainly a relaxing and pleasurable activity.
If you’ve been trying to improve in this area, we compiled some gorgeous but also useful practice sheets that will help your words look much nicer on paper. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll find some dedicated worksheets as well.

Practice Sheets

9 Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets to Print

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

9. Lowercase Alphabet Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

One Artsy Mamaby @amylattacreations

Practicing lowercase hand lettering doesn’t have to be difficult. These worksheets are perfect for the purpose and you can experiment with various pens, markers and crayons for different results.

Get template here: Lowercase Alphabet Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

Hand Lettering

Learn the art of hand lettering with these free printable practice sheets. They’re perfect for beginners!

8. Hand Lettering Practice Sheets For Beginners

Here Comes the Sun

If you’ve never attempted hand lettering these practice sheets can help you try your hand for the first time! Be sure to check the full post as it will also help you buy some much-needed hand lettering supplies!

Get template here: Hand Lettering Practice Sheets For Beginners

7. Double Letter Free Practice Sheets

Dawn Nicoleby @bydawnnicole

Double letters can be tricky because they technically should look slightly different. This is an important skill to acquire if you wish to become a hand lettering pro.

Get template here: Double Letter Free Practice Sheets

6. Spring Hand Lettering Practice Sheet

Lemon Thistleby @lemonthistleblog

Uppercase, lowercase, ligatures, and whatnot, all of this can get overwhelming fast. Take a break and try to write the word “spring” a few different ways. You might just use one of them for a DIY decor project!

Get template here: Spring Hand Lettering Practice Sheet

5. Hand Lettering Worksheets Set

Simply Septemberby @simplyseptemberblog

A handy collection of hand lettering worksheets that will take you through the basics in no time. It covers all major challenges such as uppercase, lowercase, numbers, double letters,†challenging letter combinations and more.

Get template here: Hand Lettering Worksheets Set

4. Free Hand Lettering Worksheets For Beginners

Printable Crushby @printablecrush

These worksheets are great if you don’t want to use letter templates to improve your hand lettering. Instead, they have sections for various topics and writing styles. Other than that, you’re on your own!

Get template here: Free Hand Lettering Worksheets For Beginners

Brush Lettering

Calligraphy seems to be a lost art, but with these free worksheets you can master the art of calligraphy using these brush lettering technique.

3. Brush Lettering Practice Sheet For Capital Letters

Drawn to DIYby @DrawntoDIY

Once you’ve practiced writing lowercase letters for a while and have started to feel comfortable with them it’s time to progress to capital letters. These free printable worksheets will help you learn them in no time.

Get template here: Brush Lettering Practice Sheet For Capital Letters

2. Brush Lettering Basic Strokes Worksheet

Destination Decorationby @destinationdecoration1

This super handy basic strokes worksheet is accompanied by a detailed guide for beginners, so this will be pure gold if hand lettering is new to you.

Get template here: Brush Lettering Basic Strokes Worksheet

1. “Spring has Sprung” Hand Lettering Practice Sheet

Ruffles and Rainbootsby @rufflesandrainboots

This super pretty spring practice sheet will give you a bit of fun as it also has some floral silhouettes not just letters. Chances are, you might end up turning it into a wall art!

Get template here: “Spring has sprung” Hand Lettering Practice Sheet

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