18 DIY Magnetic Whiteboard Tutorials


Wondering how to make a magnetic board? Magnetic boards are great for study, play or just fun decor. Magnetic boards can be made on a budget and customized for all kinds of considerations like wall or room size, utility, and aesthetic. Magnetic boards are a great organizational tool! They are great for keeping notes and appointments visible and easy to access. They can be hung in the kitchen, a craft room, a play room, the family room, kids rooms, or even the garage!

How to Make a Magnetic Board

18 DIY Magnetic Whiteboard Tutorials

Your magnetic drawing board will allow you to keep notes on your board as well as written doodles. Simply write your note and erase when it’s no longer relevant! Here are some other ways to stay organized! Try using magnetic wall paint: 6 How to Paint a Magnetic Wall {toy room ideas}. Try updating your office with these 10 Beautiful Home Offices and Ways to Organize It – don’t forget your magnetic board! Family command centers are key! A magnetic board works really well in this area. 10 DIY Family Command Center Ideas.

1. DIY Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

Little Green Notebook
by @LittleGreenNotebook

Dry erase boards or white boards are an excellent way to organize and display important information. Did you know that you could make one yourself rather than spending big bucks to purchase one? Find out how to make a DIY Whiteboard and save some serious cash!

Get tutorial here:  DIY Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

2. Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

As we go through these tutorials, you’ll also need some supplies.  So here’s some magnetic whiteboard paint suggestions.

The Creativity Exchange
by @thecreativityexchange

Different paint manufacturers make Magnetic Dry Erase Paint. Ask your local store for the paint and they’ll help you find it if in doubt. Basically, Dry Erase Paint converts walls or flat material of all sizes into areas that are magnetic dry erase and can be used practically and creatively.

Good bye cork board and hello magnetic board. This fun idea using dry erase paint and fabric is a great alternative to using a cork board. No pins to worry about getting lost on the floor.

Get tutorial here:  Magnetic Whiteboard Paint 

3.  Eraser

Fab How
by @handle {don’t link}

How to Clean your Whiteboard:

Cleaning your dry erase board is easier than you’d think!

  1. Use a Microfiber Cloth – that’s it! Wipe your board clean with a dry microfiber cloth!
  2. Use water or Windex – If wiping your board with a simple microfiber cloth doesn’t get it as sparkling white as you’d like, you can use water or a NON-abrasive cleaner like Windex to get it clean. Just spray and wipe clean.

Hacks for Cleaning Your Dry Erase Board:

  1.  Remove Permanent Marker – Did you know you could remove marker from dry erase boards in most cases? Just write over (or trace) the writing that was done in permanent marker, then wipe with a microfiber cloth. Next, spray with Windex, and wipe clean again. Hopefully, that did the trick!
  2. Remove residue – Every once in awhile you’ll find that you have a sticky residue on your white board. This can be removed with adhesive removers like Goo Gone.

Get tutorial here:  How to Clean a Dry Erase Board

4.  How to Build Your Own Framed Magnetic Chalk Board.

Love Create Celebrate
by @lovecreatecelebrate

If you’re feeling the need to get more organized, this is the perfect project! With a tutorial on how-to create a lovely magnetic chalkboard that is both stylish and functional! She even details how she uses it to stay organized!

Get tutorial here:  How to Build Your Own Framed Magnetic Chalkboard

5. Whiteboard Calendar

Damask Love
by @DamaskLove

The use of magnetic sheets in DIY projects is currently a hot trend! Here is a post teaching you how to create your own magnetic calendar board using a a chalkboard and magnet sheets. Come see how!

Get tutorial here:  DIY Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

6.  Magnetic Memo Board

Love Grows Wild
by @LoveGrowsWild

Magnetic memo boards are a great option if you are looking for function and design. A magnetic memo board just looks a little more upscale than a regular white board, and makes for a great vision board, too. Magnetic memo boards are highly sought after for decor appeal.

Get tutorial here:  Magnetic Memo Board 

7.  Whiteboard Easel

Ana White


Build an easel for your kids with these free plans from Ana White. One side is a dry erase board and the other is a chalkboard.

Get tutorial here:  Dry Erase Board Easel

8.  Magnetic Makeup Board

How to Create a Magnetic Makeup Organizer@LauraThoughts

Learn how to make a magnetic makeup organizer in few easy steps. She loves how it hangs in her bathroom wall and every morning she’s excited to play with her make up. Such a fun idea.

Get tutorial here:  How to Create a Magnetic Makeup Organizer

9.  Magnetic Dart Board

by @Instructables

Using a round metal disc, vinyl and die cut machine you can make your own magnetic dart board.

Get tutorial here:  DIY Magnetic Dart Board

10.  Magnetic Chess Board

by @CottageLife

Tired of game pieces falling over and the game getting messed up? Try this tutorial by The Cottage Life to make a magnetic chess board using an old lazy susan and a sheet of metal.

11.  Magnetic Scrabble Board

Twice Remembered
by @TwiceRemembered

Transform a metal chalkboard into a scrabble board using book pages and spray adhesive. It can also double as home decor.

Get tutorial here: Magnetic Scrabble Board 

12.  Magnetic Board for Toddler

Cup of Jo
by @cupofjoblog

This project is where decor meets educational fun! The post features a whole stylish home tour but about half way through you’ll be inspired by the large magnetic board! Perfect to occupy a toddlers time with ABC letters!

We’ve already given you 6 amazing ways on How to Paint a Magnetic Wall  for a Toy Room …

Get tutorial here:  Large Magnetic Board for Toddlers

13.  Magnetic Board for Stainless Steel Fridge

Iowa Girl Eats
by @IowaGirlEats

As moms, we tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals. Our children tend to camp out wherever you are. A fun way to keep them occupied while you prepare dinner is with a magnetic board on your refrigerator. It’s a fun way to practice their letters and numbers.

Get tutorial here:  DIY Magnetic Board for Stainless Steel Fridge 

15. DIY a Big Honking Frame with a Calendar.

Yellow Brick House


You don’t always need to use whiteboard paint to make a dry erase board or calendar. Glass works wonders, plus it gives a sleek modern look.

Get tutorial here: DIY a Big Honking Frame with a Calendar

15. DIY Glitter Whiteboard.


A fun alternative to dry erase boards that you can make in just minutes and a few dollars. Use them in your office, or family command center.

Whiteboard Supplies

There are a lot of fun specialty supplies available on the market these days. There are an assortment of markers, tapes, magnets and other supplies that you can decorate your dry erase boards. If you’re not in the market to purchase supplies you can always make your own. Here are a few tutorials listed below.

16.  Whiteboard Marker

Why spend a lot of money on specialty dry erase markers when you can use crayons. I’ll bet you didn’t know that?! They won’t smear and they won’t dry out.

Get it here:  Switch to Crayons

17.  Whiteboard Tape

The 36th Avenue

Washi tape is one of the best tapes to use on a dry erase board. You can reposition it and it comes in fun patterns and colors.

Get it here: Dry Erase Board Calendar with Washi Tape

Whiteboard Drawings

The skies the limit with what you can draw on whiteboards. You can draw using templates, printables or even transparency to trace from.

18. Easy Dry Erase Wall Art

A Beautiful Mess


Make a dry erase poster for your home using a printed photo on a blueprint copy, dry erase markers, and washi tape. It’s a fun way to have your child work on their fine motor skills and their creativity.

Get tutorial here: Easy Dry Erase Wall Art

What is the advantage of buying a magnetic bulletin board?

  • You can stick magnets on it to hold things like paper
  • It can last longer than a traditional cork-backed bulletin board

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