6 How to Paint a Magnetic Wall {toy room ideas}


How to paint a Magnetic Paint in your kids toy room (or bedroom) is a new trend that’s HOT, HOT, HOT! It’s super popular because it allows for a magnetic surface that can be creative and useful. Kids can play and learn on their magnetic wall, and older kids can use it as a bulletin board without worrying about pin holes. You are going to love these step-by-step Magnetic Paint tutorials which are easier to do than you’d think!

How to paint a magnetic wall tutorials include how to make a magnetic wall, how to paint a magnetic race track, how to paint a life-sized magnetic chalkboard, and more!

magnetic paint

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Magnetic Paint

1. Magnet Wall DIY {Oh Happy Day} ~ You can make a magnetic wall in about 10 minutes! Here’s how!

2. Space Saving Magnetic Wall {Cup of Joe} ~ Especially when space is at a premium, it makes sense to have a magnetic wall that your kids can play and learn on. This example is fantastic.

3.  Magnetic Paint Race Car Wall {Alina Hahn Flikr} ~ Although this idea doesn’t come with a step-by-step tutorial, you can get some fabulous ideas for making a magnetic race car track on your child’s wall so that they can play with and store their cars right on the surface of the wall.

4. Magnetic Painted Wall {Ada’s Design Inc.} ~ A designated magnetic wall for fun crafts, cards, and art projects is the perfect addition to any playroom!

5. DIY Life-sized Magnetic Chalkboard {Fawn Over Baby} ~ An extra large oil drip pan is used for the “magnet” part of this project and you’ll be amazed how easily each element is to replace for a fun area that looks designer!

6. Making Custom Colored Magnetic Chalkboard Paint {The Crazy Craft Lady} ~ This tutorial uses custom colored chalkboard paint on a magnetic pan to make a magnetic wall covered in chalkboard paint. Clever.

How to Paint a Magnetic Wall {toy room ideas}

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