16 Painting Techniques for Accent Walls


Try these painting techniques as a cheap home accent to use trendy paint schemes for painting an accent wall.  These wall accent tutorials help to give you room painting tips for fun wall accent ideas for creating a larger-looking room.

Tip Junkie has 264 Painting Techniques with pictured tutorials for you to beautify your own home. You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

Painting Techniques

Painting Techniques

1.  Painted Wallpaper {tutorial} ~ Wallpaper is messy and can be expensive.  Learn how to create your own Ballard Designs inspired stencil and paint on your own wallpaper!

Painting Techniques

2.   How to Paint a Wall {Step-By-Step}DIY Painting Tips, Tricks, and a Step-by-Step Guide.  I’ve learned a thing or two over the years and I’m happy to share my tips and a step-by-step guide with you! It looks like a lot of information (because it is), but don’t worry or get overwhelmed. Painting a room is an easy, inexpensive DIY project and you can do it!

Painting Techniques

3.  Painting Tips {how-to}Learning how to paint a room: here’s 10 tips to help!  If you’re ready to tackle that long put-off project, here’s some pointers.  Even if you already think you’re a pro, check it out! There’s great stuff here!

Home Accent

Home Accent Wall

4.  Toilet Paper Roll Stencil ~ This is a brilliant idea which may have you looking at your toilet paper roll in a new way!  Come see more pictures of this stenciled bathroom.

5.  Herringbone Color-Blocked Wall Pattern ~ This color-blocked herringbone wall pattern definitely makes a statement!  A major transformation for a laundry room.  It would be fabulous in a family or living room as well.

Wall Accent Ideas

Wall Accent Ideas

6.  Stenciled Foyer Inspiration ~ This foyer goes from drab to fab with the help of some stenciling.  Come be inspired to transform your own walls with this stenciling technique!

Accent Wall

7.  How to Stencil a Wall {dining room} ~ If you are thinking about wallpapering, why not consider using a stencil instead?  A gorgeous Ikat stenciled wall adds intrigue and drama to this blogger’s dining room!  Come see!

Paint Schemes

Paint Schemes

8.  How to Find Color Inspiration {paint schemes} ~ It is imperative to start with color inspiration when decorating. This post gives you FREE hands-on tools to translate your images into color swatches and shows how those colors can be used to decorate a room. Click on the link to see how it is done!

Painting An Accent Wall

Painting an Accent Wall

9.  Chalkboard Wall {inspired by architecture} ~ Who said chalkboard walls are just for kids?  Come learn how to create your very own grown-up chalkboard wall!

Accent Wall Painting

10.  Painting Dandelion Wall Graphic {Art Painting}Some of you may be intimidated by creating an art painting graphic on your walls, so here’s a tutorial that will break it down for you so it won’t look so hard. Always remember, if you make a mistake you can always take some of your wall color and paint over your mistake and try again. When you’re finished, you can set back and enjoy your peaceful windblown dandelion mural on your walls.

Painting Walls With Stripes

Painting Walls with Stripes

11.  DIY Magnetic Striped WallNot only is this wall gray and white striped which is oh so stylish, but it is magnetic! Perfect to host the lovely art or school work done by the kiddos or notes and reminders for the family. Follow the great tutorial to create this striped gallery wall in your own home!

Paint Stripes on Walls
12.  How to Stripe a Wall {without the mess} ~ Painting stripes on a wall can give a dramatic transformation!  NataLee gives you some fabulous tips to painting crisp clean lines.  Come see how she did it without the mess!

How to Paint Stripes

13.  Chevron Painted Pantry {before and after} ~ What was once a builder-grade, wire rack pantry turns into a gorgeous custom pantry with chevron stripes!

Color Accent Wall

Color Accent Wall

14.  How to Paint Polka Dots {accent wall} ~ How fun are these polka dots?  Learn how to make your own template from cutting out a piece of cardboard and painting in the circles.  If you happen to make an oopsey there is a tip to fix it too!

Accent Wall

15.  DIY Tree Wall Mural ~ Check out how Cassie painted this tree in her daughter’s bedroom.  She started out using chalk to draw in the outline, and swears by using a Purdy brand brush.  I need to check that out!

Room Painting Tips

Room Painting Tips

16.  How to Paint Plank Walls ~ Whitewash was a thing of the past.  No anymore!  Learn how to whitewash plank walls using a 70/30 mixture of paint and water.

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