10 DIY Perfume Recipes


How to make a DIY Perfume that’s totally you is easier than you’d think.  Stop wasting your money on scents that don’t smell right on you. Make your own! Once you’ve figured out what you like, you can make, tweak, and remake every time you run out. DIY perfume makes a really fun gift or party favor, too! You are going to love these step-by-step DIY perfume tutorials!

How to make a DIY Perfume with these ideas which include DIY jasmine perfume, grapefruit peppermint perfume, how to make your own scent, even how to make hair perfume!

DIY Perfume

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DIY Perfume

1. DIY Perfume Roll-On {Hotel Wilderness} ~ This recipe for making a wilderness infused perfume roll-on can be customized for your scent preference! Use her recipe or tweak it to make your own!

2. Homemade Jasmine Perfume {Oh the Lovely Things} ~ This jasmine perfume recipe uses vodka! Learn how to make your very own perfume that is meant to soothe the mind and cool the spirit.

3.  Grapefruit and Peppermint Perfume {A Beautiful Mess} ~ Here’s the perfect recipe for a summer scent! Best of all? It literally only takes a few seconds to make!

4. Vanilla & Lavender DIY Perfume {Pinned and Repinned} ~ This diy perfume blends lavender and vanilla essential oils for a calming floral scent.

Essential oil perfume recipe

Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

5. Essential Oil Perfume Solid & Roll-On {Body Unburdened} ~ If you’ve adopted a non-toxic lifestyle, you can still wear perfume! You just have to make your own! Here’s how to make a solid perfume as well as a roll-on!

6. DIY Hair Perfume {doTERRA} ~ Hair perfume is a great way not only make your hair smell amazing, but to leave those you pass by with the sweet and enticing aroma of essential oils. LOVE!

7. Lavender Solid Perfume {Mother Earth Living} ~ Solid perfumes are popular because they are so easy to carry around and they are long-lasting. Use their recipe or create your own!

8. Honeysuckle Solid Perfume {Soap Queen} ~ Solid perfume is convenient for traveling, or for touch ups throughout the day. Plus, it reminds us of our teens! This sophisticated Honeysuckle Solid Perfume (that even a beginner can make) has notes of tuberose, nectarine, jasmine and of course, honeysuckle.

9. Homemade Perfumed Vanilla Oil {Jillian in Italy} ~ You’ll need patience to make this perfume (it takes 6-8 weeks), but it’ll pay off in the long run because it smells amazing!

10. DIY Natural Perfumes: How to Make Them and Why You Should {One Green Planet} ~ A signature scent is a really fun way to stand out from the crowd! Make your own so you can! Ditch those pretty bottles that are filled with toxic and dangerous chemicals.

10 DIY Perfume Recipes

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