12 Potato Stamp Art Tutorials for Kids


How to make Potato Stamp Art with your kids is so much fun! It’s super inexpensive, creative, and can lead to hours of fun. Grab your child, a potato and paint. You are going to love these step-by-step Potato Stamp Art tutorials so that stamping with your child is easy as 1-2-3. Plus, you’ll love all of the ideas!

How to make Potato Stamp Art with these tutorials which include potato stamp chicks, Easter eggs, hearts, pandas, lady bugs, snowmen, pineapple, sailboats, a feather, and more!

potato stamp art

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Potato Stamp Art

1. Chick Potato Stamp Art Craft for Kids {Crafty Morning} ~ Love the googly eyes on these potato stamp art chicks! Don’t throw those old potatoes out! Make Easter chicks! Here’s how.

2. Potato Stamp Heart {Cap Creations} ~ Here’s a super brilliant tutorial for making a heart potato stamp using a cookie cutter!

3.  Potato Stamped Pandas {i Heart Arts n Crafts} ~ The great thing about this potato stamp art craft is that you don’t have to carve into your potato. The main part of the panda face is achieved with the potato stamp, but the rest is painted on.

4. Easter Egg Potato Stamp Art {Crafty Morning} ~ Washable paint works the best for this project, and if you’ve never done this before, this is a great tutorial for giving it a try! The easter eggs are fun, easy and adorable!

potato stamp

Potato Stamp

5. Potato Art Wrapping Paper {Brit and Co.} ~ Brit and Co. shows how to use an X-acto knife to cut designs into potatoes and then decorate wrapping paper with the stamps. This would be a great project to do with your kids before a party. (You cut the potato design, of course.)

6. Potato Stamp Ladybugs {My Mommy Style} ~ This project uses a potato stamp for the body of the lady bug and finger paint for the spots. Super fun for the kiddos.

7. Sailboat Potato Stamping {Crafty Morning} ~ Here’s a great summertime craft to do with your kids with potatoes!

8. Snowman Printing Winter Craft {Play.Learn.Grow} ~ Potatoes make a great homemade stamper for kids!  Here is a simple snowman potato stamping craft for Winter that the kids will adore!

how to make stamps
How to Make Stamps

9. Monsters, Inc. Inspired Potato Stamping {i Heart Arts n Crafts} ~ Here’s an easy and fun craft to use up those old potatoes and make some adorable Monster, Inc. art!

10. Pineapple Potato Stamps {Taylor and Cloth} ~ These pineapple potato stamps require some carving, so you’ll definitely need to be in charge of the knife! Once you’ve made the cute pineapple, stamp all kinds objects. Paper, cloth, etc.

11. Feather Potato Stamp {This Little Miggy Stayed Home} ~ This tutorial is actually for making a potato stamped swaddle baby blanket that’s STUNNING. You can use the same concept to make potato stamp art with your kids on paper!

12. Butterfly Potato Stamps {The Pinterested Parent} ~ Here’s a great spring craft using potatoes that your kids are going to love!

12 Potato Stamp Art Tutorials for Kids

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