27 Kids Activities for Presidents’ Day


How to make fun President’s Day activities, crafts, and recipes for President’s Day weekend.  These easy President’s Day activities include a pom pom painted flag, photobooth props, cotton ball wig, President’s Day t-shirts, Abe Lincoln hat, handprint art, cardboard tube president figures, kid coins, log cabin, American bald eagle, president silhouettes, president memory cards, mobile, worksheets, games and even recipes.

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Here are easy President’s Day activities with lots of pictures so you can make them at home as fun activities for kids, preschool, or even a play date.

When is President’s Day?

When is Presidents Day?  Presidents’ Day in 2016 is on Monday, the 15th of February.  In the United States, Presidents Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of February.

Presidents Day is a federal holiday officially designated as George Washington’’s Birthday on February 22. While the holiday is officially Washington’s Birthday, it has become known as “President’s Day”, honoring both Washington and Lincoln, as well as all the other men who have served as president.

President’s Day Activities

Cardboard Tube Presidents

1.  Cardboard Tube Presidents ~ A fun way to celebrate President’s Day is to decorate emtpy cardboard tubes to resemble Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

President's Day

2.  President’s Day Photo Booth Props ~ How fun are these photo booth props?!  They’re simple to make too!  Grab some card stock and glue because these are a definite must have for President’s Day!

Pom Pom Flag Painting

3.  Pom Pom Flag Painting ~ Make a super-easy, patriotic flag with pom poms and craft paint! This one is fun for teens and tweens, too.  Use clothespins to hold the pom pom’s for easy painting.

George Washington

DIY George Washington Wig

4.  DIY George Washington Wig ~ This wig seriously cracks me up!  It’s made with cotton balls and a grocery bag.

Sugar Cube Washington Monument

5.  Sugar Cube Washington Monument ~ Construct a mini Washington Monument from a glue stick and sugar cubes.  

Abraham Lincoln

Stove Pipe Lincoln Hat 

6.  Stove Pipe Lincoln Hat ~ This posterboard and duct tape Abe Lincoln hat is simple enough that little ones can even get involved. It’’s a fun craft for Presidents’ Day.

Log Cabin Craft

7.  Log Cabin Craft ~ Kids love to glue things together.  They will especially have fun making Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin on construction paper with the fun peep hole.

Handprint Abraham Lincoln

8.  Handprint Abraham Lincoln ~ Turn your child’s handprint into a portrait of Abe Lincoln.  I guarantee you won’t get any complaints because what child doesn’t love getting messy with paint?!  

Abe Lincoln Puppet

9.  Abe Lincoln Puppet ~ Make an honest Abe puppet using a popsicle stick or tongue depressor.  Since Abe is on the penny it makes the perfect face on the puppet.

President’s Day Crafts

President's Day

10.  President’s Day T-Shirts {Tutorial} ~ These t-shirts would be a fun craft to make with the kiddos while they are out of school today.  Although perfect for President’s Day, they are cute and clever enough to wear year round.  You can print out the template for free and follow the tutorial for making your own freezer paper stencils.

Presiden't Day Crafts

11.  Kid Coins ~ This is such a fun craft for children to make after a lesson in currency and the President’s on them.  Using shrinky dinks children can design their own coins. 

President’s Day Coloring Pages

President's Day Coloring Pages

12.  President’s Day Coloring Pages ~ Here are a bunch of great printables for helping kids learn about U.S. history.  

President's Day Coloring Page
13.  George Washington Coloring Page ~ A simple coloring page of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

Presidents Day Art Projects

George Washington Cherry Tree

14.  George Washington Cherry Tree ~ Inspired by the classic George Washington cherry tree this fun art project uses your child’s hand and arm for the tree and tissue paper for the leaves and cherries.


15.  Handprint Bald Eagle {free template} ~ A body template and both handprints construct this adorable American Bald Eagle.  Perfect for pre-k and kindergarten ages.

President Silhouettes {free printable}

16.  President Silhouettes {free printable} ~ Abraham Lincoln and George Washington silhouettes are painted on top of the Gettysburg address and excerpts from Washington’s Farewell Address.

President’s Day Fun Facts 

US President Printable Cards

17.  US President Printable Cards ~ Use these as flash cards, game cards, matching cards, guess who cards, sorting cards (names, letters, numbers, facial features, etc), coloring cards or whatever you want.

If I Were President Worksheet

18.  If I Were President Worksheet ~ A fun worksheet that kids can write about what they would do if they were president and to draw a picture.

Presidential Word Sort

19.  Presidential Word Sort ~ With three sorting mats and eighteen word cards, as well as a recording sheet your child will have a fun time with this activity. 

President’s Day Reading Activities

Penny & Nickel Comparing Chart

20.  Penny & Nickel Comparing Chart {free printable} ~ This activity not only familiarizes children with the penny and nickel, but also makes a fun counting activity.

President's Day Worksheet

21.  George Washington vs. Abraham Lincoln ~ This activity is a fun way for children to learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln fluency and fact sorting sheets.

Presidents Day Printables

President's Day Crafts

22.  President’s Day Mobile {free printable} ~ Free printable pages to create a mobile with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Simply download, print, color and assemble.

presidents day printables

23.  President’s Day Printables ~ Download and print these adorable free cupcake toppers and flags to decorate treats/snacks for President’s Day.

President’s Day Recipes

Abraham Lincoln Pancakes

24.  Abraham Lincoln Pancakes ~ Make your kids an honest Abe breakfast from pancake mix, dark grapes and marshmallow stackers.

Presidents Day Cookies

25.  Presidents Day Cookies ~ Pay tribute to the patriotical pair with these easy to assemble Nilla wafer George and Abraham cookies.

Edible Flag Craft

26.  Edible Flag Craft ~ Check out this adorable, not to mention yummy, American flag graham cracker snack!  So easy to make the kids can do it themselves.

Marshmallow Pops for Presidents Day

27.  Marshmallow Pops for Presidents Day ~ Check out these adorable, not to mention yummy, marshmallow pops! Easy than you’d think to make thanks to this great tutorial. Makes a festive addition to your patriotical festivities!




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