10 DIY Family Command Center Ideas


The family schedule can get overwhelming!  So here are 10 DIY Family Command Center Ideas to help you get organized! Because let’s face it, organization doesn’t have to be ugly.

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to organize with these incredible tutorials. For even more ways to organize it Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 155 How To Organization ideas.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more solutions with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Command Center

Command Center

1.  Organization Board Family Command Center {free printables} ~ Learn how to make an organizational board that holds all of your essentials for a command center. Instead of hanging multiple items on the wall it’s all adhered to one board that can be hung on the wall. Brilliant!

industrial center

2.  Industrial Family Command Center ~ Use the area to corral artwork, homework assignments, forms, and magazines as soon as they enter the house. At each week’s end, go through the contents of each box; discard old material and file away things you want to keep.

Chalkboard Command Center

3.  Chalkboard Command Center ~ This command center features a giant chalkboard, clipboards for each child, calendars and a cubby for other important things… it has everything needed to plan out the month.

best family command center

Best Family Command Center

4.  Command Center Reveal ~ Try framing your lists, menu and calendar for an instant dry erase board.  You can reuse them over and over. Genius!

Family Command Center

5.  Family Command Center ~ An organizational space that doubles as a decorative wall.  Clipboards, a pinboard, hanging file folders and pencil jar are some of the command center highlights. How fantastic is that chalkboard too?  It provides a space for your child to be creative.

DIY Family Command Center

6.  DIY Family Command Center ~ Organize your work space with a command center. Labeling is key to help your family put things where they belong. Command adhesive is a great alternative to hanging the file folders so you don’t put holes in your walls.

Kitchen Command Center

7. Kitchen Command Center ~ Check out this kitchen command center! Perfect for the busy family with a million things going! Use this cleverly organized space as inspiration to create your own command center space!


8.  Magnetic Command Center~ Complete with menu list, mail organizer, note cards, markers, and a recycle bin.  This is a great place to quickly grab commonly used items.~ Another way how to transform the boring end of your kitchen cabinets?or any empty wall?into an information station.

Glamorously Girly Command Center

9.  Glamorously Girly Command Center ~ I had a huge ugly calendar taped up on our wall, but needed a lot more organization than that. So, I took an old window and turned it into a girly and beautiful command center! To see more, check it out on my blog!

Mini Command Center

10.  Mini Command Center {homework calendar} ~ Create a gorgeous homework station with gold paint, embroidery hoops, free printables and clipboards. The gold paint is right on trend too!

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