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You’ll love these beautiful tote bag pattern, tote bag design tutorials, and even tutorials on how to make a tote. Each tote bag pattern is unique and has it’s own simple tutorial with pictures on how to make it!  Perfect for homemade gifts for yourself, friends, Christmas, and teacher appreciation week.

The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 89 free handbag, purse, and clutch patterns templates and pictured tutorials to makeSo be sure to search there if you’re looking for a specific style. {wink}

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Tote Bag Pattern

Monogrammed Jumbo Tote {free template}

1.  Monogrammed Jumbo Tote {free template} ~ This post features both a free template and tutorial to make your own Monogrammed Jumbo Tote Bag!  Super stylish and functional to use as a purse, market bag or baby bag! If you have some sewing know-how then this is a perfect project to take on!

Chevron and Ombre Trendy Tote DIY

2.  Chevron and Ombre Trendy Tote DIY ~ This fabulous tote incorporates two trends chevron and ombre into this one great tote! Functional and stylish, best of all you can create one with the help of this awesome tutorial! Grab the supplies needed along with your sewing machine and you’ll create a tote you’ll be proud to carry!

Toddler Tote Tutorial

3.  Toddler Tote Tutorial ~ How to make a toddler sized tote bag tutorial with a whale motif using ric rac for waves. A fun little toy for any little girl who wants to be just like mommy! Sew this up in just one afternoon and then let your little girl have a blast!


4.  Triplet Tote Tutorial ~ A simple bag cleverly incorporates three pockets for everyday necessities including your laptop.

DIY Tote Bag

DIY Feedbag Tote

5.  DIY Feedbag Tote ~ Upcycle a vintage feedbag into a useful tote.  And, if you have an old leather belt you can use those for handles.  {{wink!}}

DIY Summer Tote

6.  DIY Summer Tote ~ Sew a fun summer tote with market handles using this free pattern.  Decorate the outside with freezer paper and ink.  This bag has an airport code theme, but you could choose any design.

Trendy Burlap Tote

7.  Trendy Burlap Tote ~ If you are on the burlap lover’s wagon then this is the perfect tote for you!  You can use an iron-on transfer to embellish the tote.

DIY Minimalist Tote Bag

8.  DIY Minimalist Tote BagWhat a fabulous tote bag! Super minimalist, yet chic and the best part is that you too can make one! By following this tutorial, if you have some sewing know-how you will be able to brag when all your friends ask… “Where did you get that bag?” that you made it!!

Railroad Tote

9.  Railroad Tote ~ This sewing project will yield a fashionable tote perfect for Summer!  It’s spacious and has a front pocket for storing a towel, swimsuit and sunblock.

DIY One Hour Tote

10.  DIY One Hour Tote ~ Learn how to make a quick and inexpensive bow tote using duck cloth and accenting fabric. Super easy to do by following this great tutorial! Perfect as a run around town tote!

Ruffled Tote Bag Tutorial

11.  Ruffled Tote Bag Tutorial ~ This DIY tote is the perfect size for library books, church, or piano lessons.  The pictured instructions make this tutorial nice and easy.  The contrasting patterns are really what gives it great style, so be on the lookout for two fabulous fabrics.

Three-Ten Tote

12.  Three-Ten Tote ~ Show off your stash fabrics! Sew three fabrics, in ten steps, for one lined tote bag with zero bottom seam using this clever tutorial.

DIY Tote Bag Using Fabric Napkins

13.  DIY Tote Bag Using Fabric Napkins ~ Upcycle some inexpensive cloth napkins into a tote bag.  Use an old belt for the handles and simple straight stitches for a trendy bag perfect for a girl on the go.

Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

Kids Market Tote

14.  Kids Market Tote ~ If you need a quick gift for a little girl in your life, this free crocheted market tote might be the perfect thing! Whip one up in a couple hours while listening to an ebook or spending time with your family, add a flower or other embellishment, and you’re good to go! How cute would it be to add some felt or crocheted food inside the bag?

Tote Bag Design

Chalkboard DIY Tote Bag

15.  Chalkboard DIY Tote Bag ~ An easy way to personalize a store bought canvas tote using chalk paint and iron letters.  You won’t have to worry about loosing your grocery list with this bag.

DIY Monogram Tote Bag {Totes}

16.  DIY Monogram Tote Bag {Totes} ~ This is a tutorial for a super chic tote bag made for under $5.00! All you need is a canvas tote bag, fabric pain and a doily! Made in a afternoon, you have a stylish accessory personalized to you!

DIY Sequin Tote {Accessories}

17.  DIY Sequin Tote {Accessories} ~ Learn how to take an inexpensive canvas tote and turn it into a stylish, glam tote! Super easy to do by following this great tutorial! Perfect as a run around town tote!

Dip Dyed Ombre Tote Bag

18.  Dip Dyed Ombre Tote Bag ~ This ombre tote is both stylish and functional! You can easily make one too with this tutorial, a tote bag, bucket and some Rit dye! Perfect for tweens all the way up to their grandma’s to sport!

Ombre Tote Bag {Totes}

19.  Ombre Tote Bag {Totes} ~ Looking for an inexpensive way to make a stylish tote? With this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a ombre tote bag using two bottles of fabric paint and a plain tote all found at your local craft store. Easy to make and super trendy to wear!

Gold Hand Stamped Tote Bag

20.  Gold Hand Stamped Tote Bag ~ Tutorial for making a hand stamped tote perfect for Teacher appreciation or Mother’s Day. Comes with free printable tag that says, “You are TOTE-ally golden”!

How to Make a Tote

Shelf Liner Tote

21.  Shelf Liner Tote ~ A tote bag made from shelf liner? Absolutely! It’s water proof and machine washable. Score!

Tohoku Tote Bag Pattern & Tutorial

22.  Tohoku Tote Bag Pattern & Tutorial ~ This post features both a pattern and tutorial on how to make your own Tohoku Tote Bag! Super stylish and functional to use as a purse or baby bag! If you have some sewing know-how then this is a perfect project to take on!

Pleated Tote {free pattern}

23.  Pleated Tote {free pattern} ~ A simple tutorial to make a pleated tote.  Download the free pdf pattern and instructions to make your own.


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