15 DIY Casserole Carriers


A casserole carrier is one extremely useful item you should have in your home. Not only will it help keep your dish warm, it’s also a convenient way to transport it to whatever event you need to attend. If you love getting crafty like we do then making your own is a must and thanks to these detailed tutorials you don’t need to have mad sewing skills.

The main benefit of making your own casserole carrier is obviously customization – you can pick all the materials yourself, and even adjust the size as needed! You’ll be surprised how different these DIY casserole carriers can be and we’re sure you’ll find your next project among our picks. They also make wonderful gifts!

Casserole Carrier

15 DIY Casserole Carriers

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

15. Super Simple Casserole Carrier

Little Bit Funkyby @littlebitfunky

This project is very easy to sew and makes one highly-versatile casserole carrier that can be used to carry other dishes as well. Choose whatever fabrics you like to make it one-of-a-kind and impress everyone!

Get tutorial here: Super Simple Casserole Carrier

14. Stylish Casserole Carrier

My 3 Monstersby @butlerhousedesign

This casserole carrier looks very classy and closes with velcro so your dish will be well covered and secure during transport. It also keeps the casserole straight so nothing will spill. The perfect marriage between beauty and functionality.

Get tutorial here: Stylish Casserole Carrier

How to Make a Totally Convenient Hot Food Carrier

Learn how to sew a stylish hot food carrier for the next potluck or picnic you’re attending.

13. Insulated Casserole Carrier

Making it with Danielleby @MakingItWithDanielle

Having an insulated casserole carrier is wonderful – the food will maintain its temperature until it reaches its destination which is more than anyone could ask for. This project is designed to hold a 9″x13″ pyrex, so give it a try!

Get tutorial here: Insulated Casserole Carrier

Hot Food Carrier

If you like to make and share casseroles you’ll love these step-by-step tutorials to create carriers to keep your food hot. You can even create these carriers if your a sewing beginner! Make a couple and you have the perfect homemade gifts!

12. Wrap Up Casserole Carrier

Easy Sewing for Beginnersby @easysewingforbeginners

Just by looking at it, it’s hard to believe this casserole carrier wasn’t purchased from a store. This is another easy sewing DIY and you can optionally use thermal batting to provide additional insulation.

Get tutorial here: Wrap Up Casserole Carrier

11. Casserole Carrier With Utensils Pocket

Melanie Hamby @melaniehamdesigns

While this casserole carrier is also insulated, it has something extra – a pocket to hold some utensils for serving. I can totally see how this works when taking it to a picnic!

Get tutorial here: Casserole Carrier With Utensils Pocket

10. Gorgeous Casserole Carrier

Taylormade Createsby @taylormadecreates

The fabric choice for this casserole carrier is A-MA-ZING, right? And it even has a label… if you’re planning to brag, at least go all the way.

Get tutorial here: Gorgeous Casserole Carrier

Dish Carrier

Keep your hands from burning and keep the food warm while delivering it to a neighbor. These tutorials would be a fun add-on to a casserole dish for a wedding or housewarming gift.

9. Sturdy Casserole Carrier

Simply Made Funby @SimplyMadeFun

You’re going to love the small utensil holder if you plan on taking your dish camping, to picnics, or other outdoor gatherings and with those sturdy handles, there are zero chances of spillage.

Get tutorial here: Sturdy Casserole Carrier

8. Tasteful Insulated Casserole Carrier

Nancy Ziemanby @NancyZieman

When you’re taking a long trip and regular insulation might not be enough, this particular project is designed with an inner insulated pocket that can hold a hot or a cold pack to preserve the temperature of your dish even longer.

Get tutorial here: Tasteful Insulated Casserole Carrier

7. Insulated Casserole Carrier With Fabric Handles

2 Little Hooligansby @twolittlehooligans

This casserole carrier has everything: insulation, a spoon holder and it can be done in 4 hours tops! If you’re dying to make one yourself, keep in mind it can hold a 8×12 or 9×13 square dish.

Get tutorial here: Insulated Casserole Carrier With Fabric Handles

6. Quilted Casserole Carrier

Sew 4 Homeby @sew4home

Just when I thought there was nothing more a casserole carrier can have – this one also comes with a loop to clip a pot holder, besides the utensil pocket. What more could you ask for?

Get tutorial here: Quilted Casserole Carrier

5. Scrap Snack Casserole Carrier

The Sewing Loftby @TheSewingLoftFB

If you’d like your casserole carrier to have a unique look, you’ll definitely be inspired by this quilted project using some perfectly matching materials. It’s a bit of extra work but the results speak for themselves.

Get tutorial here: Scrap Snack Casserole Carrier

9×13 Pan Carrier

The next time you are invited to a pot luck, bring your dish in a beautiful casserole carrier and leave it with the host as a gift.  Or the next time a neighbor lends you a dish, return the pan in a carrier as a thank you.

4. Casserole Carrier With Zipper

Life Sew Savoryby @lifesewsavory

Why use velcros or wrap-ups when you can have a zipper? Very clever, right? This way you don’t need to be extra careful during transport. Your dish will remain safely tucked inside the carrier.

Get tutorial here: Casserole Carrier with Zipper

3. Hot Mess Casserole Carrier

Sew Sweetnessby @sewsweetness

If you need to transport an unbaked dish, or other types of recipes that could potentially spill, there’s no safer alternative than this insulated casserole carrier that’s also quite tall and uses a zipper to be closed all around. An interesting project you should consider if you need a casserole carrier that can hold a 9×13 baking dish.

Get tutorial here: Hot Mess Casserole Carrier

2. Furoshiki Casserole Carrier

Sew Desu Neby @SewDesuNe

Well, what on Earth might this be? It turns out “furoshiki” is the Japanese custom to wrap and carry large goods in scarves (funny they have a word for that). The short version is: this casserole carrier will hold baking dishes of various sizes so it’s probably one of the most versatile projects you could find.

Get tutorial here: Furoshiki Casserole Carrier

1. Casserole Carrier With Spoon Handles

The Renegade Seamstressby @therenegadeseamstress

This is actually a brilliant idea! You’ll need those spoons anyway, so why not use them as handles? Follow this easy sewing tutorial if you want to turn heads at your next potluck!

Get tutorial here: Casserole Carrier With Spoon Handles

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