10 Hotpad & Oven Mitt Tutorials to Make!


Here are 10 hotpad & oven mitt tutorials to make from the traditional to the more trendy double-handed pot holders.  These beautiful hot pad patterns will have you checking off your handmade holiday gift  list for everyone you know.

Recently, I attended a going away party for a college-bound freshman, and I was able to contribute to her suitcase with a pair of oven mitts- a college must-have for those young ladies out to impress the college guys with home-baked goodies.  They are also great (and cheap!) ways to hint to friends you’d love some of their homemade cinnamon rolls!

Hotpad ~Double Mitt

Double-Mitt pot holder pattern

1.  This Double-Mitt pot holder pattern has the traditional mitt-shape on each end!   I would probably wear it around just because of the sheer cuteness of it.

two-handed potholder

2.  Double-Mitts are making their way onto the practical scene.  This bright two-handed potholder will keep things hot in the kitchen!

Heart Hotpad Tutorial

3.  Heart Hotpad Tutorial – What about giving hot pads with new life?  This tutorial simply cuts existing hot pads into hearts, and re-binds them!  Fancy schmancy.  It’s also a great tutorial on how to sew onto bias tape.

Pot Holder Pattern

pot holder pattern

4.  This is my go-to oven mitt! The puppet-style tutorial comes with a pattern download for you too.

5.  Speaking of traditional, a collection of oven mitts would be incomplete without the standard, easily recognizable mitt tutorial.  As the fabric implies, it is a great Christmas gift!

Oven Mitt

oven mitt

6.  Round oven mitts are the new square! Here’s a great tutorial on how to make a colorful, corner-less mitt.

quilted square hot pad

7.  This quilted square hot pad comes with a pocket too, perfect for sliding your hand in to become a mitt!  Projects like this are perfect for practicing binding techniques too!

8.  Using the same pattern as the square pad, this hot pad rounds out the edges and ruches the pocket portion.  What a way to up the cuteness factor!

Quilted Patchwork Hot Pad

9.  Quilted Patchwork Hot Pad – If you are a scrap hoarder like me, these pot holders are a great way to bust through some of those smaller pieces.  And it looks so pretty too!

Pleated Apron With Built In Hot Pads

10.  Pleated Apron With Built In Hot Pads – This brilliant idea incorporates an apron and double hot pads into one project.  That way, you never set your hot pads down, and they never get lost when you need it most!

More Sewing Tutorials:

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Melanie is the creator/author/sewing dork behind the Crafty Cupboard. She’s been sewing most of her life, but has latched on to it as a source of sanity ever since having her first kiddo 4 ½ years ago.  She loves vintage Pyrex, Nutella, and Pop Secret popcorn, and will sing for you on request.  She is allergic to dishes, laundry, and mopping.  She currently lives in Arizona with her 2 ½ children and a very handsome husband.


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    great summary. thanks. i just found this tutorial too for slip-on sandwich oven mitts and thought you would like them too: http://www.bluestarvermont.com/2012/05/slip-on-potholder.html

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