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27 Brilliant Tutorials to Upcycle T-shirts


DIY T-shirt ideas are super easy ways to recycle old t-shirts.  It’s time to clean out your closet and grab some old clothes and fabric scissors and cut away for an entirely new look and fun upcycle t-shirt project to create.  The great news with t-shirt knit is that you don’t have to do any hemming.

A brilliant list of upcycled T-shirt tutorials you can use to recycle and reuse your old clothes especially if they have memories or of sentimental value.  With unique t-shirt cutting ideas and different purposes each t-shirt can be transformed into something completely new!  Check out these 25 genius ways to DIY t-shirts and start your new project by clicking any of the creative links below.

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Brilliant Tutorials to Upcycle T-shirts

17 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle T-shirts

If you and your family have a t-shirt from every single event or organization you have ever been involved in and have a hard time getting rid of them ~ then look no further!  You’re about to gain a ton of closet space and have fun doing it with these cut t shirt designs.  {squeal in delight}

There’s only one affiliate link for your shopping convenience. Click here for disclosure policy.  Affiliate means a few links below help support this free site as I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  It’s for these fabric scissors as you’ll need some sharp ones to create these looks.

DIY T-shirt Tutorials

Fun Projects to Make from Old Tshirts

These DIY T-shirt ideas include cut t-shirt ideas, cute ways to upcycle t-shirts, and even what to do with old band shirts.  So creative!   Now you can turn your old stained or too small t-shirts into jewelry, accessories, home decorations, homemade gifts, and even bags and totes.  Genius!

DIY Fashion Accessories

If you’re looking for a list of simple t-shirt cutting ideas then scroll down to the bottom.  First up are DIY fashion accessories you can make out of old clothes and old t-shirts.

DIY T-Shirt Flower Ring

1. DIY T-Shirt Flower Ring ~ Who could have guessed you can even use an old T-shirt to make stunning jewelry?  Get tutorial here: DIY T-Shirt Flower Ring

DIY Tie-Dyed T-Shirt Headbands

2. DIY Tie-Dyed T-Shirt Headbands ~ Four easy ways to make headbands and upcycle t-Shirts.  Get tutorial here: DIY Tie-Dyed T-Shirt Headbands

DIY Headband old Tshirt and Elastic

3.  DIY Tshirt Headband ~ How to make DIY t-shirt headbands by cutting strips of a tshirt, follow the instructions on how to tie the knot, and add a hair elastic at the ends.  I’ve done this without any sewing as you tie the tshirt to the elastic.  Get tutorial here:  DIY No-Sew Tshirt Headband 

DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

4. DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets ~ A simple tutorial on how to turn old clothes into DIY fashion accessories with great results.  Get instructions here: DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

DIY Infinity Scarf From A T-Shirt

5. DIY Infinity Scarf From A T-Shirt ~ A perfect sewing project for beginners!  Cut up shirts and old clothes and transform them into an infinity scarf.  Get tutorial here: DIY Infinity Scarf From A T-Shirt

DIY Upcycle Infinity T-Shirt Scarf

6. DIY Upcycle Infinity T-Shirt Scarf ~ Patchwork-style infinity scarves that can be made from fabric scraps or recycle old T-Shirts.  Get tutorial here: DIY Upcycle Infinity T-Shirt Scarf

Homemade Gifts

DIY t-shirts can make really thoughtful homemade gifts.  So instead of using a piece of fabric, consider recycling old t-shirts that have some sentimental value.

diy t-shirt cat tent tutorial

7.  DIY T-shirt Cat Tent ~   This cat tent made from a tshirt is easier than you think.  You’ll need Two wire hangers to create the canopy, foam board for the base, and duct tape to hold it together.  Get tutorial here:  DIY T-shirt Cat Tent tutorial

Easy Memory Pillow From Shirts Tutorial

8. Easy Memory Pillow From Shirts Tutorial ~ A thoughtful gift for graduation or Father’s Day by turning old clothes or a favorite old t-shirt into a memory pillow.  Get tutorial here: Easy Memory Pillow From Shirts Tutorial

DIY Upcycle T-Shirt Bag

9. DIY Upcycle T-Shirt Bag ~ An upcycle T-Shirt Bag can be very chic if you choose a T-Shirt with the right fabric.  Get tutorial here: DIY Upcycle T-Shirt Bag

DIY Produce Bags From Old T-Shirts

10.  DIY Produce Bags From Old T-Shirts ~ A super clever and easy DIY that lets you create functional and good looking produce bags and recycle old T-shirts.  Talk about a genius t-shirt cutting idea!  Get tutorial here: DIY Produce Bags Recycle Old T-Shirts

T-Shirt To Backpack DIY

11. DIY T-Shirt Bag ~ Make an awesome looking backpack from any old T-shirt.  I call these sinch sacks and own so many of them as they are super convenient and easy to use in a pinch.   Get tutorial here: DIY T-Shirt Bag

DIY dribble baby bibs from old tshirts

12.  DIY Baby Bibs ~  All you need is an old tshirt, micro fleece, velcro, need and thread to make these adorable baby dribble bibs out of old tshirts.  Get the tutorial here:  DIY Dribble Bibs out of Old T-shirts

Things to Make out of Old Band Shirts?

Tip Junkie Old Band Shirts Memory Quilt for High School Seniors

Are you wondering what things to make out of old band shirts? I have too!  When my son was a Senior in High School, I found myself with 20+ band t-shirts from band competitions and spirit wear.  I decided to have a Senior quilt made out of all his old band shirts.  Davis loved it!

Here are more creative things to make out of old band shirts that you might enjoy.

  • Resize it by taking in the sides and making it more flattering.
  • Make it a pencil skirt.
  • No-sew throw pillows.
  • Sew a few of them together in a scarf.
  • Cut it into a slouchy boat neck or cut a fun shape into it.
  • Cut it into a workout tank top or fringe t-shirt.
  • Sewing it into a tote bag or drawstring bag.

DIY T-Shirt Quilt

13. DIY T-Shirt Quilt ~ Who knew a quilt made from old t-shirts can end up looking so amazing?  These are ideally made by sentimental shirts or ones with good memories like concerts, school organizations, extracurricular activities, and spirit wear.  Get tutorial here: DIY T-Shirt Quilt

DIY Home Decor

Holy smokes!  These old clothes are new super cool and useful as DIY home decorating projects.

Tie Dyed T-Shirts Turned Boho Hanging Planter

14. Tie Dyed T-Shirts Turned Boho Hanging Planter ~ Make a chick hanging planter and upcycle t-shirts and tie dye!  Get tutorial here: Tie Dyed T-Shirts Turned Boho Hanging Planter

Simple Braided Fabric Basket With Handles

15. Simple Braided Fabric Basket With Handles ~ You can use any fabric scraps or an old t-shirt to make this super pretty braided fabric basket.  Get tutorial here: Simple Braided Fabric Basket With Handles

Braided T-Shirt Rug

16. Braided T-Shirt Rug ~ A brilliant way to recycle old T-shirts instead of throwing them away. Also includes instructions on making T-shirt yarn.  Get tutorial here: Braided T-Shirt Rug

Upcycle Silk T-Shirt Into Ombre Lampshade

17. Upcycle Silk T-Shirt Into Ombre Lampshade ~ No one would guess this stunning ombre lampshade is actually an upcycle T-shirt.  Get tutorial here: Upcycle Silk T-Shirt Into Ombre Lampshade

Upcycle T-shirts To Wear

Now that we’ve covered fun DIY t-shirt accessories, home decor, and homemade gifts it’s now time to share tutorials on how to upcycle t-shirts into different designs and things to wear.

DIY T-Shirt Skirt

18. DIY T-Shirt Skirt ~ A simple tutorial for making cute and very comfortable skirts from T-shirts.  Get tutorial here: DIY T-Shirt Skirt

DIY Cut Fringe Tshirt Skirt

19.  DIY Fringe Skirt ~  Using an elastic and fabric scissors Jessica shows you how to cut up an old tshirt to create this fun fringe skirt made from one old t-shirt.  Get tutorial here:  DIY Fringe Cut Tshir Skirt

Ombre DIY Fringe Skirt Cut From Old Tshirts

20.  Ombre DIY Fringe Skirt Cut From Old Tshirts ~ You’ll need two shirts for this cute skirt.  There’s a skirt under there to keep things covered up. Brilliant.  Get tutorial here:  Ombre DIY Fringe Skirt Cut From Old Tshirts

Upcycle T-Shirt Patch Shorts

21. Upcycle T-Shirt Patch Shorts ~ These shorts look so amazing you’d never think they were handmade!  Get tutorial here: Upcycle T-Shirt Patch Shorts

How do you make a DIY shirt?

DIY Peplum Upcycle T-Shirt

22. DIY Peplum Upcycle T-Shirt ~ Turn a plain T-shirt into a super cute peplum top.  Get tutorial here: DIY Peplum Upcycle T-Shirt

Bathing Suit Cover-up from Cut Tshirt Design

23.  Bathing suit Cover-up ~  All you need is a tshirt that’s at least one size bigger than what you normally wear and some scissors.  Needle and thread might come in handy but you can knot if you don’t have it.  Get the tutorial here: Bathing suit Cover-up

T-shirt Cutting Ideas

By now you have some incredibly cool ideas on how you can recycle old t-shirts and old clothing into something DIY cool.  However, I want to leave you with a few simple t-shirt cutting ideas that only require an old t-shirt and some fabric scissors.

DIY Heart Cut Shirt Tutorial

24.  Heart Cut T-shirt Design ~  Simply use a piece of chalk to draw the shape of a heart and and then draw vertical rays rays coming from the heart.  Do not make the rays too close to each other, you want a little space. Cut the rays and voila.  Get tutorial here: Heart Cut T-shirt Design

Anne also has an adorable shoulder tie cut t-shirt tutorial that you also might like.  And her butterfly cut tee is also super cute.  Anne is so talented.

15 Minute Cut Fringe Tank Top

25.  DIY Shirt Cutting ~  You will need 2 identical tops to create this DIY shirt cutting fringe look.  Some other optional ideas are to add beads or even dip the fringe in a tie dye.  Get tutorial here:  15 Minute Cut Fringe Tank Top

Studded DIY Cut Tshirt Vneck
26.  Vneck Cut Shirt Idea ~  Turn an old t-shirt into a chic studded shirt in 20 minutes using scissors, beads, and a ruler.  Get tutorial here:  Studded DIY Cut Tshirt Vneck

DIY T-shirt Folder

diy t-shirt folder

27.  DIY T-shirt Folder ~ How do I fold the perfect tshirt?  Brenn shows you how to fold the perfect tshirt by making your own DIY tshirt folder out of a cardboard box.  By folding the tshirt in the cardboard in a specific order, your tshirts come out perfectly folded.   Get tutorial here:  DIY T-shirt Folder

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I’d love to know what DIY t-shirt patterns you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.

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Upcycle T-shirts Tutorials

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