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18 Couch Covers to Revive Your Old Couch


Do you have a couch that’s past its prime and a budget too tight for a new one? No problem! There are plenty of ways to revive a worn out couch or sofa and one of them is using a couch cover.

There are two ways you can go about reviving your old couch: buy one or make your own and I have solutions for both scenarios. Whoohoo!  I realize making a sofa slipcover yourself might seem intimidating, but I have some amazing tutorials with detailed explanations that certainly make such a project doable.

How to Make Couch Covers

How to Make Couch Covers on Tip Junkie

Obviously, a DIY couch cover is the least expensive option, but also highly customizable: you can choose the fabric, colors and even add some embellishments such as ruffles. I’m sure you’ll love these couch cover ideas and one of them might be exactly what you needed!

17 Slipcovers to Revive Your Old Couch

DIY Couch Covers and Slipcovers to Revive Your Old Couch

Just a heads up, I’ve included a few affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for disclosure policy.  Which means a few links below help support this free site as I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

How To Get Couch Covers To Stay In Place

How To Get Couch Covers To Stay In Place

If you already have sofa covers and are struggling with keeping them them in place because they keep getting un-tucked then check out this easy hack from Diane. You won’t believe how easy it is.

DIY Tip:  Diane came up with a genius way to get couch covers to stay in place or prevent her slipcovers from sliding.  {cheesy grin}  It’s so easy!  To keep the slipcover from moving and becoming untucked and sliding, simply wrap rubber bands around cardboard tubes and push them into the crevices to hold the extra fabric down. Yep, this hack is brilliant.

Tools for DIY Couch Covers

If you want to purchase some frugal couch covers then keep scrolling down.  However, to get you started on your handmade couch covers, I’ve rounded up some handy DIY tools for ya. These home improvement tools and machines will make your small and big DIY projects a breeze!

Optional Materials You Might Need:

Cheap Canvas Drop Cloths

If you go the no-sew route {or minimal sewing} you’ll want to use sheets or a canvas drop cloth.  I’ve added a few of these tutorials to the beginning and end of this guide.  In the meantime, here are a couple cheap canvas drop cloths I found for ya.

Drop Cloth Buying Tips:

Get the biggest drop cloths possible if you’re trying to cover a sectional or large sofa.  The cheapest option is to buy canvas drop cloths wholesale.  So consider teaming up with a couple friends to do cloth projects or do drop cloth curtains in your entire house.  {giggle}

My friend Katie quickly threw up canvas drop cloths as curtains in her living room when she put it on the market to sell and they looked amazing! To be honest I was skeptical but totally wrong as they looked like designer curtains when she was finished screwing in the finials.

No-Sew Sofa Covers

No-sewing sofa covers are a great option because it requires no sewing skills and minimal investment.  In my opinion, the type of fabric you choose will determine how happy you end up with your DIY sofa slipcovers in the end.  So be sure to think about how the durability of the fabric, how much your couch is used and of course the color you want.

If your wanting a different color than the standard canvas drop cloth color, then check out Marian who has a great tutorial on how to bleach drop cloths.  She’s tried several methods and has one that you should absolutely check out.

18. No Sew Sofa Cover Using Drop Cloth

No Sew Sofa Cover Using Drop Cloth

This project is perfect if you have zero sewing skills but you’d still like to make a sofa cover. Also, drop cloth is a cheap fabric but perfect if you want to give your revived sofa that rustic vibe!

Get tutorial here: No Sew Sofa Cover Using Drop Cloth

DIY Tip:  To create an intentionally designed look which feels less like a drop cloth or sheet draped across a cushion ~ add texture with throws, pillows, and crochet blankets. LOVE!

17. Loose Fit Sofa Slipcover

Loose Fit Sofa Slipcover

This is another easy tutorial for those who’d like to avoid sewing at all costs. The textured fabric on the pillows definitely gives this sofa an elegant look, don’t you think?

Get tutorial here: Loose Fit Sofa Slipcover

16. No Sew Drop Cloth Slipcover

No Sew Drop Cloth Slipcover

This no-sew drop cloth slipcover is super easy to make and just as easy to replace. Definitely one of the best solutions if you have small children or pets!

Get tutorial here: No Sew Drop Cloth Slipcover

Frugal Sofa Slipcovers to Order

I realize that not all Tip Junkie’s know how to sew and maybe a drop cloth just isn’t the look you’re going for and a sheet just isn’t durable enough.  So that to do?  No worries, I’ve got you covered with couch covers you can purchase.  Tip Junkie is no Amazon so I only picked a few to feature but hopefully it will help you decide whether to buy or DIY.

15. IKEA Knopparp Slipcover

IKEA Knopparp Slipcover

Do you happen to own an IKEA Knopparp Sofa? If yes, you’re in luck. The guys from RockinCushions make sofa slipcovers for this type of sofa in a variety of colors and they’re absolutely gorgeous!

Get slipcover here: IKEA Knopparp Sofa Slipcover

14. Custom Geometric Sofa Cover

Custom Geometric Sofa Cover

This shop provides a variety of options but this yellow & gray geometric fabric is perfect if you want to turn your sofa into a statement piece.

Get slipcover here: Custom Geometric Sofa Cover

13. Custom Sofa Slipcover

Custom Sofa Slipcover

If you’re not exactly the DIY type of person, you can always allow the professionals to do their job. This sofa slipcover has so many customization options you can practically make your dreams come true.

Get slipcover here: Custom Sofa Slipcover

Free Sewing Patterns for Slipcovers

Now that we’ve covered no-sew couch covers as well as sofa slipcovers to order it’s time to focus the rest of our time on free sewing patterns.  {my favorite}  I’ve gathered free patterns for sectional couch covers, chair slipcovers and even loveseat slipcovers.

If you’re looking for a Video Slipcover Series on how to sew Custom Piping then consider yourself hooked up by Marian. I’m loving the ruffled ones.

12. DIY Couch Slipcover

DIY Couch Slipcover

This particular tutorial has several parts but no need to be scared. The results look very professional and all those explanations will help you make your own couch slipcover in no time.

Get tutorial here: DIY Couch Slipcover

11. How To Make A Sofa Slipcover

How To Make A Sofa Slipcover

I love how this slipcover turned out, and it has velcro on the lower edges which is super practical!

Get tutorial here: How To Make A Sofa Slipcover

10. Colorful Foldable Loveseat Slipcover

Colorful Foldable Loveseat Slipcover

This patterned fabric makes the most joyful slipcover don’t you think? This is an excellent idea that you’ll probably find useful if you have a foldable couch like this one.

Get ideas here: Colorful Foldable Loveseat Slipcover

9. How To Slipcover A Couch Beautifully

How To Slipcover A Couch Beautifully

The name of this tutorial really says it all. If you want your slipcover to look like it was store-bought, try this tutorial! That skirt really makes the couch look adorable.

Get tutorial here: How To Slipcover A Couch Beautifully

8. DIY Slipcover For Kids Flip Sofa

DIY Slipcover For Kids Flip Sofa

This particular slipcover closes with a zipper which is very convenient. Time to bring out the sewing machine!

Get tutorial here: DIY Slipcover For Kids Flip Sofa

7. How To Make Slipcovers

How To Make Slipcovers

This extensive tutorial is split into eight different parts, and covers everything regarding slipcovers from tools and supplies and choosing the fabric to piping, working on the frame and covering cushions. If you’d like to learn making slipcovers from scratch, this is a must-read!

Get tutorial here: How To Make Slipcovers

Chair Slipcovers

Seriously chair slipcovers can completely transform the look of a chair and a room.  So if you don’t want to reupholster your chairs then consider making chair slipcovers for them instead.  I’m just realizing these free patterns would also work for bar stools.  I have 5 old leather ones which no longer match my decor.  Dude!  This is how I can make make them cute.  {high fives}

Wing Chair Slipcovers Tutorial

6.  Wing Chair Slipcovers Tutorial

I try not to add more than one link from a specific blogger, but Marian is rocking my world with her Wing Chair Drop Cloth chair slipcovers as well.  So if you have a bigger chair with arms to cover then her tutorial should work great for you.

Get the couch cover tutorial here:  Wing Chair Drop Cloth Tutorial

5. DIY Parsons Chair Slipcover

DIY Parsons Chair Slipcover

This tutorial shows us how you can sew a parsons slipcover for an IKEA Henrkisdal bar stool. However, this works for any simple chair as long as you get those measurements right!

Get tutorial here: DIY Parsons Chair Slipcover

Sectional Couch Covers

Making a slipcover for a sectional sofa does take some work but thanks to this tutorial you can at least make sure your efforts will be worth it.

4. DIY Drop Cloth Sofa Sectional Slipcover

DIY Drop Cloth Sofa Sectional Slipcover

Jenn has outdone herself with her sectional couch covers tutorial.  Holy smokes this is awesome!  Like Jenn, you don’t need to use drop cloth, but the truth is, it’s a sturdy fabric that will last.

Get tutorial here: DIY Drop Cloth Sectional Couch Covers

Drop Cloth Couch Covers

In the beginning, I already gave you some places to buy drop cloths and well as a few tips.  If you decide to cover your couch or sofa with a drop cloth slipcover then make sure you wash it first.  They can smell when they first come out of the package.  However, don’t worry about that too much.  A good wash will remove the smell and soften the canvas fabric to give it a softer feel.

3. DIY Drop Cloth Couch Slipcover

DIY Drop Cloth Couch Slipcover

Drop cloth is a really popular material for DIY couch slipcovers, but it doesn’t have to look boring. Just add some colorful throw pillows and your couch will look stunning!

Get tutorial here: DIY Drop Cloth Slipcover

Couch Slipcovers from Sheets

If you can’t find the right fabric, premade slipcover, and prefer not to use a canvas drop cloth then maybe consider making couch slipcovers from two flat sheets.  Make sure you prewash them so they don’t smell weird and are preshrunk.  They are inexpensive and you can do a solid neutral or maybe even a vibrant color.  Sky’s the limit, girl.  Have fun with it.

2. DIY Couch Slipcover From Sheets

DIY Couch Slipcover From Sheets

Some regular bed sheets and a sewing machine are the main items you need for this frugal project. The result is amazing considering the investment.

Get tutorial here: DIY Couch Slipcover From Sheets

1. DIY Sheet Slipcover For A Sofa

DIY Sheet Slipcover For A Sofa

It would have never crossed my mind that a slipcover made from sheets can turn out looking so beautiful. It’s true, white slipcovers are hard to maintain but they can really lighten up a room!

Get tutorial here: DIY Sheet Slipcover For A Sofa

I was featured on Tip Junkie

Thanks Ladies ~ I just adore these free patterns! Feel free to share your I was featured on Tip Junkie badge on your blog, Facebook, or Instagram. You earned it!  {knuckle bumps} My passion is to promote creative women and I’m honored to be able to feature your brilliant talents.

Couch Covers FAQ

I’m sure you have lots of questions about slipcovers and thought I’d hopefully answer some questions you might have in case you were wondering!

  • Are couch covers tacky?   Um, absolutely not.  Have you see how gorgeous these one featured are!  To make it less noticeable check out the tips from #16 on how to add texture like in #18 tutorial.
  • Are couch covers washable?  Yes, most likely.  Follow the fabric or slipcover instructions.
  • Can you buy couch covers for sectionals?  Yes, or you can check out Jen’s sectional couch covers on #4 tutorial to make your own.
  • How to wash couch covers?  Follow the instructions of the fabric, drop cloths, or slipcovers that you choose.  Typically a gentle cycle in a washing machine and light dry until they are damp will work just fine. Don’t dry them all the way.
  • How to make couch covers?  I’ve got you covered with 15 free patterns with pictured tutorials.
  • How to dye couch covers?  It depends on the fabric you choose. Here is an extensive how to guide on how to dye couch covers.
  • How to get couch covers to stay in place? Use cardboard roll and see Diane’s hack at the beginning of this post.

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