13 Frugal Front Door Painting Ideas


Indoor decor is extremely important when it comes to adding your personal touch, but so is the outside of your home, especially the front door. After all, that’s what anyone will see before they enter the house.

13 Front Door Painting Ideas on Tip Junkie

If your front door could use a bit of TLC, there’s no need to break the bank. Here are some frugal front door painting ideas that allow for a quick and easy makeover with the best possible results.

Front Door Painting Ideas

Front Door Painting Ideas

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

13. Simple Sunny Door Makeover

A Pretty Life in the Suburbsby @APrettyLifeintheSuburbs

A mellow yellow is what makes this door brighten the exterior of the house and make the guests feel truly welcome.

Get tutorial here: Simple Sunny Door Makeover

12. Gorgeous Red Painted Front Door

Two Paws Farmhouseby @twopawsfarmhouse

This beautiful red painted front door makes a superb contrast with the white frame and ivory shiplap, don’t you think?

Get tutorial here: Gorgeous Red Painted Front Door

DIY Front Door Painting

DIY Front Door Painting Live Video from Lolly Jane

Instantly add curb appeal to your home in just minutes by painting your front doors like Lolly Jane.  {they are such fun chicks!} Click the image above to watch the video on Facebook.  I tried to embed the video here for your convenience but had some technical difficulties and it caused the page to take too long to load.  {snort}

Front Doors

Could your front door use a makeover? With the help of these step-by-step tutorials your front door is going to look fresh and stylish once again!

11. Black Front Door Makeover With Paint

Ask Anna Moseleyby @askannamoseley

Say what you must, black never gets old. Especially when complemented by a few rustic elements.

Get tutorial here: Black Front Door Makeover With Paint

10. Painted Front Door & Metal Storm Door

Petticoat Junktionby @PetticoatJunktion

If you have a front door and a storm door this tutorial will show you exactly how to paint them like a true professional!

Get tutorial here: Painted Front Door & Metal Storm Door

Exterior Doors

Whether you’re looking to paint your exterior doors in farmhouse, bright, or more subdued colors these ideas will help you to choose the paint color that’s right for you. It’s one of the easiest and cost effective ways to add more curb appeal to your home.

9. Soft Grey Front Door Paint Makeover

Twelve on Mainby @twelveonmain

Doors with recessed portions might need some special attention during a paint job, so be sure to follow this guide if you want the perfect outcome. The soft grey complements the white shiplap beautifully, don’t you think?

Get tutorial here: Soft Grey Front Door Paint Makeover

8. Bright Green Painted Front Door

Dukes and Duchessesby @DukesandDuchesses

If you’d like to try a bold color on your front door, check out this vibrant green front door. It came out perfect too!

Get tutorial here: Bright Green Painted Front Door

7. Front Door Paint Tutorial

Love Pomegrante Houseby @LovePomegranateHouse

This guide explains exactly how you need to prep and prime your front door before painting, as well as how you should paint it. You could go with a neutral color, but honestly this red looks stunning.

Get tutorial here: Front Door Paint Tutorial

6. Farmhouse Door Makeover With Gray Paint

Liz Marieby @LizMarieBlog

This medium gray looks awesome with the farmhouse style decor, right? Using darker neutral colors usually works great if your house is painted white or some other light color.

Get tutorial here: Farmhouse Door Makeover With Gray Paint

5. Front Door Makeover Using Dark Blue Paint

The Crafty Blog Stalkerby @TheCraftyBlogStalker

Some might find a white door boring, in which case using a dark blue could give it the refresh you were dreaming of.

Get tutorial here: Front Door Makeover Using Dark Blue Paint

4. Coral Pink Painted Front Door

Simple cozy Charmby @simplecozycharm

Even if your door is currently a darker color, using some quality paint you can opt for a brighter color and still get gorgeous results.

Get tutorial here: Coral Pink Painted Front Door

Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors can sometimes be a real chore. Depending on the look you’re going for these tutorials will give you plenty of ideas of how to choose the right paint color for your home.

3. Black Front Door Paint Project

Sincerely Sara Dby @Sincerelysarad

A black front door will always look beautiful, especially if you have a few plants nearby. It turns out, it’s not too difficult to paint it evenly – you just need a bit of attention and some good paint with high coverage.

Get tutorial here: Black Front Door Paint Project

2. Turquoise Front Door Makeover

Jamonkeyby @jamonkey

A bright-colored front door can impress everyone if you choose the color wisely. I don’t think you could go wrong with turquoise though.

Get tutorial here: Turquoise Front Door Makeover

1. Dark Blue Painted Front Door

by @HomeMadeByCarmona

A white door next to white walls, it really couldn’t get more boring than this. Paint that door dark blue and you’ve got yourself some eye-catching contrast and a whole new style!

Get tutorial here: Dark Blue Painted Front Door

Front Door Painting Ideas

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