28 Ways to Repurpose Old Doors and Pallets


Wondering how to make stuff with things that can be repurposed like pallets and old doors?  Here are things to do with pallets like pallet art, a pallet coffee table, a pallet daybed, pallet shelves and a pallet potting bench and well as cool things to make out of a DOOR!  You’re going to be blown away with these tables, cabinets, headboards, coat hangers, and even a secret passageway.  {squeal}

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Things To Do With Pallets

Things to Do with Pallets

1.  How to Make Art from a Pallet ~ Here is fun project you can make from an old pallet boards! Create your own personalized art.

Things to Make with Pallets

2.  How to Make a Pallet Mirror ~ Reusing wood from pallets is a hot trend right now. Come see how an old mirror is updated with old wood!

Things To Make With Pallets

Things to Make from Pallets

3.  How to Make a Daybed from Pallets ~ Pallet boxes are often found for free but with some creativity they can be worth a million!  Learn how to make a daybed using free pallets!

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

4.  Pallet Coffee Table ~ Rustic old carts as coffee tables are hot right now.  Make your own using an old pallet box, iron work from an old bench and attaching casters!

Things to Make with Pallets

5.  DIY Pallet Dresser ~ This super brilliant tutorial will show you how to make a dresser from pallets! Perfect for the bedroom, under the TV, extra storage in the office, virtually anywhere!

DIY Pallet Board Shelf

6.  Pallet Board Shelf {how-to} ~ In 30 minutes you can make this functional pallet board shelf for under $4.00.  The knobs are perfect for hanging towels or clothing as shown in the picture.

Things To Build Out Of Pallets

Things to Make out of Pallets

7.  DIY Potting Bench ~ I love the worn look that using old pallets gives this fabulous potting bench. But even if you decided to go the new wood route, this tutorial makes it simple and cost-effective to make your own potting bench. A fabulous gift for retirement or Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Things to Make out of Pallets

8.  How to Make a Picnic Table ~ Learn how to make a Pottery Barn Kids’ inspired picnic table using old pallets!

Things to Make with Pallets

9.  Pallet Canning Pantry ~ Learn how to make a canning pantry using pallet boards and 2 x4 frames.  If you aren’t a “canner” then you can certainly use it for canned goods or other non-perishable items.

Making Pallets

Making Pallet

10.  Pallet Wood Closet WallDIY this wall decor with pallet wood to create a closet wall!  Using unique items, hang hooks and hangars to accessorize this wall. Perfect for bags, purses coats and other items that need a home!

DIY Pallet Headboard

11.  Pallet Headboard ~ I adore the rustic and natural look of this pallet headboard.  You can either stain it, or just use poly to seal it and keep the natural look.

Things to Make with Pallets

12.  How to Make a Reading Nook from Pallets ~ Pallet furniture is hot right now and why not?  Pallets are typically free! Come learn how to create this adorable reading nook for your little one!

DIY Pallet Shelf

13.  How to Make a Shelf from Pallet Box ~ Pallet box shelving has become a huge fad.  Come see these fantastic free shelves!  They’re perfect for reading books, cook books, wine and even dishes.

Make With Pallets

Make with Pallets

14.  Pallet Growth Chart ~ A vintage looking growth chart that’s made from pallet wood. The only thing that I bought was a Sharpie Paint Pen for strait lines.

Things to Make with Pallets

15.  DIY Pallet Art ~ Here is a fun, inexpensive way to create art from old pallets! Wouldn’t this look cute above a mantel? Click on the link for the full tutorial on how it’s done!

Headboard made from old door

Cool Things To Make

16.  How to Turn Old Door to Headboard ~ You can turn an old door into a headboard. Learn how to strip old paint, sand the door, add molding, and the necessary hardware to create a trash to treasure masterpiece!

Counter Top Made out of Old Door

17.  How to Turn an Old Door to a Countertop ~ If you have a builder grade bathroom counter, here is an inspiring post of how to update your look for less. Learn how to install an old door as a countertop!

Old Door Subway Art Table

18.  Old Door Subway Art Table ~ Using an old door, Ikea sawhorses, paint, and some subway art, Stacey created an adorable table. Click on the link for more details and pictures.

Table made out of Door

19.  How to Make a Table from a Cabinet Door ~ If you recently renovated your kitchen or came across a stash of old cabinet doors, here is a fun repurposing project for you! Turn that cabinet door into a side table!

Old Door becomes Bulletin Board

20.  How to Repurpose an Old Door ~ This is a fun idea of how to reuse an old door.  Apply magnetic chalkboard paint, turn horizontally, and hang on your wall as a weekly organizer.

kids desk out of cabinet door

21.  Cupboard Door Art Desk ~ This kids art desk is so fabulous!  The tutorial shows you how to turn a simple cupboard door into this fabulous gift that is sure to be the hit of the party!

Make From An Old Door

Barn Door headboard

22.  DIY Barn Door Headboard ~ This step by step tutorial shows you how to build a gorgeous headboard inspired by barn doors. Come learn how to create your own!

Closet out of Barn Door

23.  How to Create “Barn Door” Closet Doors ~ Learn how to create gorgeous “barn door” closet doors! This post is the “reveal” post so be sure to click on the links within to be taken to the tutorials.

Cabinet door coat hanger tutorial

24.  Cabinet Door Coat Hanger Tutorial ~ Jillian did a great job turning a cabinet door into this awesome coat hanger.  Customize your gift with a name, room, or saying to give it that personal touch.  Great for laundry rooms, entry ways and mud rooms.

Secret Bookcase Door

25. Secret Bookcase Door ~ Step by step tutorial on how to make a secret passage doorway. how to build a bookcase door.

Faux Cabinet Pantry Door

26. Faux Cabinetry Pantry Door Makeover~ Pantry makeovers typically deal with the inside of the pantry, but if the door is this gorgeous than who is going to bother looking inside at the mess?  Well, except I would want to play with the dutch door.

Door Knobs

Door Stop

27.  How to Make a Decorative Door Stop ~ Those little gold door stops behind your doors do much to entertain babies but not much to add to your decor! Here is a simple decorative solution to create attractive doorstops.

Door Knob Painting

28.  Fastest Way to Paint Doorknobs  ~ 5 quick steps which is this is the easiest and fastest way to paint dated gold doorknobs.  Use two 2×4 wood boards to hold each of the door knobs and locks.

More Decorating Tutorials

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