18 Ingenious Bridal Shower Gifts the Bride Will Love


Is your daughter getting married or you attending a bridal shower?  If so, I’ve got you covered with some ingenious bridal shower gifts that the bride will love.  These bridal shower gift ideas include homemade and DIY ideas that are creative, funny, and can be personalized.

I’ve had such a fun time rounding up creative bridal shower gifts which will give you a giggle like a wedding day survival kit, personalized totes and sashes, fun things to make for the bride to be like DIY lingerie gift bags and couples gift baskets.   Just for fun, I also included some cool bridal squad and bride tribe gifts you can make for Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts.

18 Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas on Tip Junkie

I’ve you’ve been wondering what to bring to a bridal shower and what’s the difference between a bridal shower gift vs wedding gift then wonder no more.

Most of the bridal shower gift ideas featured are free and printable but a few contain affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for disclosure policy.  Those links help support the site as I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Personal Shower Gift Ideas

Personally, I feel the best creative bridal shower gifts are ones that are personal and homemade that the bride and groom can also use or display as home decor.

18. Funny Bridal Survival Kit

Funny Bridal Survival Kit

A brilliant idea to prevent at least a few of the mishaps that can happen on a wedding day.  You can make this a super funny bridal shower gift or more practical and personalized for the bride to be.

Get tutorial here: Funny Bridal Survival Kit

17. For the Bride ~ Countdown to Mrs

For the Bride How to Make a DIY Countdown Calendar Bridal Shower Gift

Y’all know I adore a countdown calendar and especially when they have gifts that the recipient can unwrap each day until the main event.  So here’s a countdown to Mr. and Mrs gift to count down the days remaining until the big day.

Get tutorial here:  For the Bride: Days Until I Do

16. DIY Lingerie Pack With Gift Bags

DIY Lingerie Pack With Gift Bags

Easy & fun semi-homemade bridal shower gift using store bought pouches and some alphabet and numbers stamp sets. You can get bigger ones for wedding shoes or to hold almost any gift.

Get tutorial here: DIY Lingerie Pack With Gift Bags

15. Simple DIY Personalized Sign

Simple DIY Personalized Sign 

One of my favorite gifts and decor is to display the date of my wedding.  I think it creates a physical reminder that we’re together forever and I know my boys like to see that as well.  So here’s a simple but gorgeous DIY sign for the new established family.

Get tutorial here: Simple DIY Personalized Sign

14. Personalized Bridal Dress Hanger

Personalized Bridal Dress Hanger Bridal Shower Gift

This is such a fun idea that you can order on Amazon homemade.  When I was a bride {a very long time ago} I loved gifts with my new name on it and I think this would be great for the wedding dress or even the outfit you leave the wedding reception in.  If you’re super fancy you could gift it with a wifey robe.

Order creative bridal shower gift here:  Personalized Bridal Dress Hanger

13.  Bridal Party Wine Glasses

DIY Bridesmaids Wine Glass Dresses WEDDING WINE GLASSES for Bride & Bridesmaids

Holy smokes… I can’t stop giggling.  This is such a fun idea and I guess since I don’t drink and I’ve been married for 23 years somehow I haven’t come across this before.  {yes, I must be living under a rock}  But these are so fun I just had to show them to you.  The original shop isn’t selling these anymore however you can make them yourself or order them on Etsy.

This is such a funny bridal shower gift that’s a simple craft that lets you personalize wine glasses and add some tulle for the bride and bridesmaids in their dress color.

Get tutorial here: Funny Bridal Party Wine Glasses

12. Bridal Shower Towel Cake Gift Idea

Bridal Shower Towel Cake Gift Idea

Towel cakes are always awesome as they make a great photo op and have a wow factor at any shower.  This bridal shower cake is full of kitchen supplies that’s perfect for the newlyweds to help set up their kitchen together..

Get tutorial here: Bridal Shower Towel Cake Gift Idea

11. Stuffed Oven Mitt Bridal Shower Gift Idea

Stuffed Oven Mitt Bridal Shower Gift Idea

Keeping on the kitchen theme, here’s a super quick and cheap DIY couples gift that’s a perfect gift for the bride who loves to cook!

Get tutorial here: Stuffed Oven Mitt Bridal Shower Gift Idea

10. Pedicure In A Jar DIY Gift

Pedicure In A Jar DIY Gift

If you’re looking for a homemade gift that will pamper or help relax then here’s an easy and cute DIY gift perfect for the bride, bridesmaids, and/or the mother of the bride.

Get tutorial here: Pedicure In A Jar DIY Gift

9. DIY Bridal Shower Tea Bag Favors

DIY Bridal Shower Tea Bag Favors

Oh my.  These are so lovely and feminine, these favors are perfect for any bridal shower.

Get tutorial here: DIY Bridal Shower Tea Bag Favors

Homemade Bridal Shower Gift Wrapping

Shower gifts are typically ones that are opened at the shower and in front of all the guests which means your gift wrapping can really be enjoyed.  Feel free to make a splash with something fun and feminine.  I love the idea of the gift wrapping also able to be used at a a later date.

8. DIY Glitter Tote Bag For The Bride

DIY Glitter Iron On Tote Bag For The Bride Or Bridesmaids

Any gift will be instantly upgraded with this bag.  You can use a digital cutter like a Cricut or cut it by hand.  I also think this would be great with WIFEY ironed on it or BRIDE SQUAD.

Get tutorial here: DIY Glitter Tote Bag For The Bride

7. Vintage Key & Lace Embellished Gift Bags

Vintage Key & Lace Embellished Gift Bags

A gorgeous DIY gift bag idea that can be used for bridal shower party favors.  This is such a classic style using a brown paper bag and can be used for any event.

Get tutorial here: Vintage Key & Lace Embellished Gift Bags

DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Showers are typically great for gifting gift baskets in a theme with a bunch of items the bride or couple can use to help set up their new home together.  So here are a couple DIY bridal shower gift baskets that you could make and gift.

6. Organized Home DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Organized Home DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket

If you love a practical gift this is it. This DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket includes cleaning supplies, a cleaning book, and a budget binder.  Certainly essentials the bride could use to help organize her home.

Get tutorial here: Organized Home DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket

5. Perfect Pairs DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Perfect Pairs DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Y’all know I love a theme and PERFECT PAIRS is such a fun theme especially for a gift basket.  So here’s a thoughtful couple themed gift basket full of clever ideas.

Get tutorial here: Perfect Pairs DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket

DIY Couple Gifts

If you’re having or attending a couples shower then here are some fun DIY couple gifts that you can put together for the wedding or the shower.

4. Camping Themed DIY Couple Gifts

Camping Themed DIY Couple Gifts

If the couple enjoys camping, they’ll love this camping themed wedding shower present where you simply add a few camping essentials and smore kit into a cooler.

Get tutorial here: Camping Themed DIY Couple Gifts

3. Year Of Date Nights DIY Couple Gift

Year Of Date Nights DIY Couple Gift

A date kit for each month containing everything needed to set up a fun date night. Something lovely for the couple to help them have at least one amazing date a month for an entire year.

Get tutorial here: Year Of Date Nights DIY Couple Gift

You can also purchase a Year of Dates binder from the Dating Diva’s for $11 which I’ve personally gifted several times.  I had it printed at an office supply store, hole punched, put into a three ring binder and added a big bow.  It’s quick, thoughtful, something the couple can use to keep their connection and stay romantic.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

I’ve your a bride or mother of the bride then check out these fun bridesmaid proposal gift ideas for your Bride Tribe.  You can gift it to the bridal party at the shower or as you ask them to be in your bridal party.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Tank Tops

2. Bridesmaid Shirts

Pick Between a T-Shirt or a Tank Top and a variety of sayings. Perfect for gifting to your Bridesmaids at your Bridal Shower so they can all match and wear while getting ready on the day of the wedding.

Order Bridal Squad gifts here:  Bridesmaid Shirts

1. Personalized Initial Bride Tribe

Knot Personalized Initial Bridesmaid Gift Tie the Knot

I couldn’t tie the know without you.  This bridal squad or bridesmaid bracelet has a knot on and can be personalized with an initial as has the perfect sentiment.

Order Bridal Squad gifts here:  Knot Bride Tribe Bracelet

15 Ingenious Bridal Shower Gifts the Bride Will Love

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