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19 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple


I think the best wedding gifts are the thoughtful ones, and those certainly don’t need to break the bank. There’s no need to feel pressured into buying an expensive wedding gift, in fact, it’s absolutely possible to show your appreciation for the bride and groom with budget-friendly options like these DIY wedding presents.

Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Sure you can buy some useful gifts for marriage at a department store and get them the latest kitchen gadget or appliance. However, if you’re looking for some unique wedding gifts here are some creative but cheap wedding gift ideas you can DIY or buy that will impress everyone most importantly the bride and groom.

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19. Framed Wedding Invitations

Framed Wedding Invitation as DIY Wedding Gift

Isn’t this a brilliant idea? Simply frame those wedding invitations and add some styling props for unique wedding gifts that can be cherished for years to come!

Get tutorial here: Framed Wedding Invitations

18. DIY Engagement Ring Display

DIY Engagement Ring Display Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas

Another interesting idea that works perfectly as a DIY wedding gift! The bride will surely be happy she has such a pretty frame to show off her engagement ring when she’s not wearing it.

Get tutorial here: DIY Engagement Ring Display

17.  Holding Hands Molds

Holding hands mold cheap wedding gift idea

If you have access to the bride and groom and a bucket of this Memory Hands Keepsake Kit

Buy the kit here to make the present:  Memory Hands Keepsake Kit

16. Gorgeous Personalized Scrabble Box Frame

Gorgeous Personalized Scrabble Box Frame DIY Wedding Presents

Names spelled using scrabble letters? Now that’s what I call a fun but also adorable gift idea for the bride and groom.

Buy the frame here: Gorgeous Personalized Scrabble Box Frame

15. Personalized Salad Servers

Personalized Salad Servers useful gifts for marriage

If you’re a practical kind of person, perhaps you’d like the idea of a useful gifts for marriage. These personalized salad servers are an easy DIY that the couple can actually use.

Get tutorial here: Personalized Salad Servers

Homade Wedding Gifts to Make

DIY Wedding Presents

Cheap wedding gift ideas that are unique and useful can be a struggle to find especially if you want to personalize your gift.  So here are a few more DIY wedding presents that you can make and personalize specifically for the bride and groom.

14.  Honeymoon Fund Wedding Sign

Honeymoon Fund Sign Wedding Gift

Oh my goodness, I thought this was such a fun idea.  This 8″ x 8″ rustic wooden shadow box is such a fun way to allow guests to forgo the formal cards and get the job done with little fuss. It displays beautifully and makes a cute photo opp.

Later you can change the vinyl to say “Babymoon Fund” as the couple saves for their last vacation before they become parents.  {snicker}    It can also be used to collect ticket stubs, letters, snapshots, and other mementos.

Buy it on Amazon Handmade here:  Honeymoon Fund Wedding Sign

13. Vintage Window Wedding Sign

DIY Wedding Presents Vintage Window Wedding Sign

This window wedding sign has that Fixer Upper vibe so many people love, I’m sure it will be a hit if you decide to make this for the next wedding you’re going to attend.

Get tutorial here: Vintage Window Wedding Sign

12. DIY Wood Pallet Wedding Sign

DIY Wood Pallet Wedding Sign Wedding Gift

Since we’re in the rustic department, how about this awesome wedding sign made from a wood pallet board. I’m sure it some scrap wood could also do the trick!

Get tutorial here: DIY Wood Pallet Wedding Sign

11. DIY Custom Wedding Cufflinks

DIY Custom Wedding Cufflinks Unique Wedding Gifts

These custom wedding cufflinks are an easy project and they work as groom and groomsmen gifts and even for the father of the bride.

Get tutorial here:  DIY Custom Wedding Cufflinks

10. Matching Couple Bracelets

Matching Couple Bracelets

Here’s an inexpensive wedding gift idea that will help the bride and groom remember you. These bracelets have that modern look everyone loves and rse gold works with many casual outfits so they can be worn easily.

Get the bracelets here: Matching Couple Bracelets

9. Mason Jar Wedding Emergency Kit

Mason Jar Wedding Emergency Kit

This mason jar wedding emergency kit is one amazing gift bridal shower gift idea. I mean, there’s a lot that could go wrong during the big day and this cute jar has a fix for at least 99 of those problems.

Get tutorial here: Mason Jar Wedding Emergency Kit

8. DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

A wonderful wood burning project you can make with ease as long as you have a burning pen. And once you master the art of wood burning you can use this idea as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries and many other events besides weddings.

Get tutorial here: DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

7. Stamped And Beaded Mixed Media Bracelet

Stamped And Beaded Mixed Media Bracelet

A handmade bracelet is probably one of the most thoughtful wedding gift ideas ever! And, if you decide to follow this tutorial it will surely come out looking gorgeous.

Get tutorial here: Stamped And Beaded Mixed Media Bracelet

6. Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Aprons

Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right

I giggled when I found these products made with the quote “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”.  {snicker}  You can find mugs, pillows, and aprons.  So cheeky and fun!

Buy it here:  Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right

5. Anniversary Date Driftwood Sign

Anniversary Date Driftwood Sign

If the bride and groom are fans of the farmhouse style, they will be thrilled to receive this rustic, weathered anniversary date sign. Who knows, maybe working on this DIY will make you want to tackle more complex woodworking projects in the future!

Get tutorial here: Anniversary Date Driftwood Sign

4.  Wood Monogram Door Hanger

Wooden Monogram Door Hanger Wedding Gift

I’m dying for one of these for my front door as I think these last name sign door hanger is so fab.  This wood monogram would make a personalized wedding gift or housewarming gift.  This handmade wedding gift comes unpainted, sanded, and ready for paint.  This handmade shop is also rated #1 monogram shop on Amazon.

Buy it on Amazon Handmade here: Wood Monogram Door Hanger

3. “Happily Ever After” Rustic Wooden Sign

Happily Ever After Rustic Wooden Sign

We’re still in the signs department, but this one is a great option if you’re not a DIYer but would want to buy an cheap wedding gift that’s also memorable.

Get the sign here: “Happily Ever After” Rustic Wooden Sign

2. Hand Painted Cake Stand

Hand Painted Cake Stand

This hand-painted cake stand is certainly easier to make than it looks and it resembles old China so it makes the perfect traditional anniversary or wedding gift, thus the perfect DIY wedding present don’t you think?

Get tutorial here: Hand Painted Cake Stand

1. Ring Holder Made From A Recycled Egg Carton

Ring Holder Made From A Recycled Egg Carton

I’m really not sure if this DIY wedding present is brilliant, crazy or both. However, I am sure that using an egg carton to make a ring holder makes the most frugal wedding gift in the world, that also happens to look stylish and expensive.

Get tutorial here: Ring Holder Made From A Recycled Egg Carton

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Framed Relatives who can't attend the wedding

Frame pictures of relatives who can’t attend the wedding ~ This is a little off topic but if you’re planning a wedding, I thought this was such a sweet idea and just had to show it to you.  My youngest brother got married recently and this is such a thoughtful way to display loved ones who can’t attend a wedding but who are absolutely celebrating in Spirit.

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Unique DIY Wedding Gift Ideas

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