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Bored? Fun Crafting Kits to Learn a New Skill


If your kids are bored in these dog days of summer and you’re looking for something new and fun to entertain them {and yourself} then check out these crafting kits I found on Amazon.  {click link to see all the kids craft kits}  They include boredom busters for both boys and girls of all ages.  Let me know in the comments if you’re looking for a specific age or interest.  I’m happy to find the activity for your child and add it to the list.  Happy summer y’all!!

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P.S.  You can see all the crafting kits I found on Amazon here. {click link}

#1 Shoe Marbling Dye Kit

My friends daughter just did this to her shoes and they turned out amazing!!

  • Perfect for fashionistas and crafters
  • Includes dye, instructions
  • Great teen project

Click here to buy crafting kit:  Fabric Shoe Marbling Dye Kit

#2 Starter Cross Stitch Kit

A couple girls at church are making the cutest cross stitch and I'm blown away at their talent. 

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Includes embroidery cloth, printed pattern, hoop, and floss
  • Great tween and teen project

Click here to buy crafting kit:  Embroidery Starter Kit

#3 Sewing Kit for Kids

This is an Amazon's choice for kids sewing kit.  It's Unicorns DIY craft for kids and has over 110 Kids Sewing Supplies.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Includes booklet of cutting shapes, fabric, thread, etc.
  • Great tween project

Click here to buy crafting kit:  Sewing Kit for Kids

#4 Star Wars Starfighter Kit

My boys are older and they still love to play with paper airplanes and their Star Wars origami books.  So I thought this would be great to add!

  • Perfect for star wars fans
  • Includes 60 page instructional book
  • Great project for ages 8+

Click here to buy crafting kit:  Star Wars Folded Flyers

#5 Slime Supplies Kit

If your kids are still adding to their slime collection and major slime skilz then this is the slime kit for them!  It includes this I didn't even realize go inside slime.  {giggle}  This would be a fun activity for summer boredom buster party with friends.

  • Perfect for slime masters
  • Includes 55 pack of beads, balls, glitter sheet jars
  • Great project for ages 8+

Click here to buy crafting kit:  Slime Supplies Kit

#6 Hands Mold Keepsake

Make a mold of you and/or your kids hands.  Create a memory together that will last a lifetime and beyond.

  • Perfect for milestone moments
  • Includes gel, plaster, bucket and instructions
  • Great kids project

Click here to buy:  Hands Mold Keepsake Kit

#7 Make Your Own Water Globes

A fun creative kit to make 3 snow globes.  They are plastic and kid safe and will help unleash your child's creativity.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Includes complete kit {except the water}
  • Great project for ages 6+

Click here to buy crafting kit:  Make Your Own Snow Globes

#8 Paint by Stickers

I thought this was such a fun idea ~ paint by numbers.  Instead of using paint you use stickers to create a finished "painting".  This book has everything you need to create 10 pictures.

  • Perfect for those who enjoy puzzles
  • A book which includes stickers for 10 pictures
  • Great project for kids and adults

Click here to buy crafting kit:  Paint by Stickers

#9 Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit

A complete kit to paint and then hide your rocks to spread creativity and positivity throughout your neighborhood or community.  It even comes with tracking stickers and a hashtag for people to use when they find your rock and share it on social media.  How fun!

  • Safe for kids with waterproof art supplies
  • A book which includes stickers for 10 pictures
  • Great project for 6+

Click here to buy crafting kit:  Rock Painting Kit

Crafting Kits on Amazon as Boredom Buster-square
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- $1 to $25
30 Minutes

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