27 Fun Countdown Calendars To Anticipate Your Next Event


Countdown calendars are my absolute favorite way to get ready for vacations and holidays! Here are some of the best printable calendars, blank calendar, and countdown clocks as you delight in the anticipation of your upcoming events.

I absolutely love having the tradition of a countdown calendar with my family and it’s got to be easy!  Which is why I’ve also included free printable calendars, mobile apps, and online countdown ideas.  I hope these make it easy for you to create a new annual tradition for May.

Free Printable Countdowns

Here are a few generic calendar countdown templates which are blank that you can use all year long.  The great thing about these calendars is that you can use them to countdown to anything!

Free Printable Countdown Calendars

EHprint Download File Here:
4 Quick Countdown Calendars (10628 downloads)
Countdown to vacations and special events with any of these adorable countdown calendars that I’ve had created just for you!

1. Owl Countdown Calendar Template ~ Woo {get it?} knew it would be SO simple to enjoy the anticipation of an upcoming event together as a family!

2.  Trendy Countdown Calendar Template ~ Create a new tradition with this trendy teal and red count down calendar template and enjoy it as a family in minutes!

3.  Bohemian Countdown Calendar Template ~ Count down to any event like birthdays, grandparent’s visit, your next vacation, holidays or school being back in!

Blank Countdown Calendar Generic Template

4.  Candy Stripe Countdown Calendar ~ This adorable countdown only takes 2 steps to create. Download and print!

Parent Away Countdown

Parent Away Countdown Calendar with Gifts and Poems For Kids
Parent Away Countdown Calendar with Gifts and Poems For Kids

5.  Parent Away Countdown Banner with Poems ~ This is a fun parent away countdown garland with poetry for kids to encourage them to pick a gift a day while Mom and Dad are on a parents trip.

I made this for my kids years ago when Jason and I went on a dream vacation to Italy.  I’ve used the envelope templates over and over again for other ways to countdown events.  It is so easy and fun  to use.

Summer Calendar Countdown

We already featured 11 Ways to Countdown to Summer but had to include a few more ideas here for you to enjoy as summer is such an anticipated event for our families.


6. Can’t wait for summer? Use this free printable to count down to summer from Tatertots & Jello. Just print and add to an 8×10 frame. You can easily write and re-write the countdown with a dry erase marker.

7. Time to start counting the days until school is out and Summer vacation begins! Of course, I’m on a countdown as a mom as well.  Simply print, cut, and string with balloons for an easy way to Balloon Countdown to Summer Break from Eighteen 25.


Counting down to vacation is one of my favorite traditions in our home. Which is why we’ve already covered 12 Vacation Countdown for Kids {tutorials} as well as 8 Universal Orlando Vacation Countdown Ideas in case you’re headed to Florida this summer.

So here are a few more countdowns that we thought your family might enjoy as they delight in their anticipation for their vacay.

8.  A DIY Vacation Count down from Dating Divas that can be used for any vacation, not just your Orlando one! {score}

9. Is there a family vacation or something else your family is really looking forward to? If so, this countdown to vacation printable from All Things Simple is a must do little project! All you have to do is print, laminate or frame and then use it to count down to your event. She even has several color choices!

10. Beach Countdown ~ A free printable beach countdown by Ashlee Marie that’s in a paper chain style. Each day a paper ring can be torn off marking it one day closer to the vacation.

11. Facebook ~ Add a Vacation countdown for Facebook from DIS Tickers by designing your own ticker. There are a lot of backgrounds to choose from. {Score}

Disney Countdown

For all the countdown to Disney ideas you can check out our 9 Disney Vacation Count Down Tutorials but here are a few more we had to add to this list.

Walt Disney

12. Hang up this super cute Disney Countdown from Designs by Nicolina 30 days prior to your trip!  Download the free printable chart to make your own countdown.  Simply cross off each day to mark down the days.

13. Paper Chain ~ I love visual countdowns. I think it makes the upcoming event so much more exciting.  Check out this cool idea to make a Disney Paper Chain Countdown from Reasons to Skip the Housework if your family is planning a trip to Disneyworld or Disneyland.

14. Disney Crowd Calendar ~ Trying to plan your Disney vacation around the crowds? This Disney crowd calendar from WDW Prep School will help you decide when the best time is to go. It shows you the dates of the lightest to heaviest crowds.

15. My Disney Experience App ~ Have magic at your fingertips with this My Disney Experience App from Walt Disney World. You can explore the resort, plan your vacation, buy fast passes, purchase PhotoPass photos, and so much more.

Countdown App

16. Mobile App ~ A great countdown mobile app from Apple users. It reminds you events and counts down the time.

17. App ~ Never miss a birthday again with this free birthday countdown app by Apple. You can even add a photo for the birthday boy/girl.

18. Widget ~ Can’t wait for the big even? This countdown widget from Epic Pxls allows you to countdown the days, hours, minutes and seconds. Share it on social media.


Clock Countdown

19. With this Vacation Countdown Clock App from Kulana Media Productions you can countdown the days, hours, minutes and seconds until your vacation. Just input the starting date, time, and your destination.

20. Create a countdown clock from Counting Down To to embed into your website.

21. Counting down the days to retirement? You can do it with a little bit of fun with this super easy printable Retirement Countdown by Lookie What I Did

22. A desktop countdown clock from Countdown Kings that’s ideal for startups, event organizers and live events.

23. Use an event countdown clock from Event Countdown to countdown the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to your event.

Wedding Countdown Clock

24. How many days until you say “I Do”? Use this wedding countdown clock by Something Turquoise to tick off the days until the marriage.

Countdown Timer

Online Countdown Timer 

25. Create your own animated vacation countdown timer from Time and Date. Perfect for counting down the days until a wedding, vacation or retirement.

26. Create an online timer from Time and Date with optional alarms and start/pause/stop them simultaneously. Perfect for everyday activities.

27. A free online countdown from It’s Almost to share your countdown to anything.

Christmas Advent Calendars

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