How to make an adorable bohemian count down to enjoy as a family is now as easier than ever! This printable count down calendar is easy to make and super quick to use.

With this adorable bohemian calendar you can count down to any event like birthdays, grandparent’s visit, your next vacation, holidays or school being out (or back in)!  {wink} With this blank count down calendar template, there’s no boundaries! Enjoy.

Count Down Calendar

Simply print out the file {click link below the image} and enjoy counting down to any fun event. Yep, anything you’re looking forward to! {squealing}  Also available is a Yellow and Gray Candy Stripe Count Down.

Bohemian Count Down Template

 EHprint Download Free File:
Bohemian Countdown Calendar Template (1187 downloads)

How to Make

For the best results, click the link above to print this blank count down calendar onto matte photo paper.   Any paper will do, but matte photo paper works best.  Trust me!  {wink} Next, simply slip the count down printable into a fabulous frame that you already have displayed in your home and you are ready to start counting down!

Bohemian Count Down Template

How to Use

The glass in the frame serves as a wipe-on/wipe-off board.  That’s one of the reasons using the frame is so fabulous. Use a marker to write down the event you are counting down to and the number of days away it is. Have the kids take turns wiping off the number and writing down the next one. Yep, I like to pawn off as much as possible onto my kids. {evil laugh} Seriously though, they really love it, and I love that this is something that we can do together!!! Wondering what you’d use this fun count down calendar for? Well, here are some possible events to count down:

  • Holiday
  • Birthday
  • Grandparent’s Visit {or any guest, really}
  • School Getting Out for the Summer
  • Daddy Coming Home
  • Anniversary
  • Family Reunion
  • Family Outing
  • Days until the next grade!
  • New Sibling’s Arrival
  • Recital or Performance
  • School Event
  • Sporting Event
  • Party
  • Vacation

Really sky’s the limit with this template!

Bohemian Count Down Template

 EHprint Download Free File:
Bohemian Countdown Calendar Template (1187 downloads)

Count Down Template

I hope you and your kids enjoy using this easy peasy count down template together. Who knew it would be SO simple to enjoy the anticipation of an upcoming event together as a family! I’m all about making these memorable moments and family traditions as simply as possible. {I’ve got your back!}

I’d love to hear how these printables are helping you make memories in your family so be sure to leave me a comment to let me know!

Candy Stripe Count Down Calendar

Also available is a Yellow and Gray Candy Stripe Count Down!

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