12 Vacation Countdown for Kids {tutorials}


Today I’m featuring children advent calendars specifically for vacation count down ideas.  My boys are stoked about our family vacation this year but my little one thinks we are leaving tomorrow. {{sigh}} To help this confused little soul, I decided to make him a vacation count down or advent calendar.

I thought you might be having the same problem.  So here are several versions that you can create for your family.  I hope you’ll look past the holiday themes and use the inspiration and adapt it to summer.  {{wink}}

Children Advent

1.  AJ goes to Disney Land count down – This is a fabulous children advent using Disney paint chips from Home Depot.
2.  Altoids advent calendar – This Altoids Christmas tree advent is such a cool idea.
3.  Booklet count down with all the things you’ll while on vacation.  This would get any child excited to go.
4.  Boxes on the wall count down – Attach several boxes to the wall with activities or chocolate inside.

Vacation Count Down

5.  Boxes advent calendar – Create a fun boxes advent using an organizing box with several drawers.
6.  Cupcake pan advent calendar – This would make a fabulous gift for any holiday.
7.  Simple Spool Advent Calendars – What a unique and crafty advent tutorial.
8.  Interchangeable themed advent calendar box – You can use this advent for summer, Disney, you name it!

More Children Advent Calendars:

9.  Cookie Sheet advent calendar – Here is another advent that would make a fabulous gift.
10.  Pocket felt advent calendar – I have several versions of this pocket count down.  It’s easy to store and flexible on what you want to put inside.
11.  Cool Summer Days calendar w/ activities for each day inside the ice cream cones.  Brilliant!
12. Felt count down – You can make this felt advent for any holiday and stuff it with chocolate or activities.

Really you can make a count down calendar for any occasion, the last day of school, the first day of school, birthday, any holiday, you name it!  I hope you have a wonderful vacation and make fabulous memories with your family this summer.


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  1. Love it! I’ve been looking for a fairly inexpensive ($30 or less) felt (or any type of material) Christmas Advent calendar. My son is 2 and I think he would love putting an ornament on a tree every day (or adding a character to a Nativity scene) but I’ve yet to find one. Any ideas????

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