Parent Away: Gift Countdown Poem For Kids {instant download}


How to make a fabulous parent away countdown garland with poetry for kids to encourage them to pick a gift a day while Mom and Dad are on a parents trip.  If you’re planning on leaving your kids with a babysitter, they will love choosing a poem each day as the garland helps them count down to your arrival home!

My favorite part was incorporating little gift poems into the Parents Away Countdown garland.  They are a bit cheesy, but each day your child will be delighted to read a simple rhyming poem, which gives them a hint on what they are about to unwrap!

print countdown calendar

EHprint Free File Download:
Parent Away Countdown Banner with Poems (8113 downloads)

I recently took a trip to Italy with my man, and wanted my kids to be able to open up a small gift each day while we were away.  It was really important to me that since Mom and Dad were on a parents trip that the boys continued to feel security, our love, and have fun while we were on vacation.

I searched for WEEKS to be able to feature someone else’s count down poems but never found anything close to what I wanted… so I had it designed!  {squeal}

parents trip gift countdown

Parent Away

Simply print out the files {above} and enjoy counting down the days until Mom and Dad come home from their “parent away” vacay.

how to make summer vacation countdown

Supplies Needed To Make

White Matte Photo Paper Ric Rak Ribbon Tape, Scissors, Hole Punch, Hot Glue and Gun My favorite part about this count down is that you don’t need to buy anything!  Simply print out the files on white paper and add some ribbon.  Yep, it’s THAT easy!

Parent Away Gift Count Down Poem {free printable}

EHprint Free File Download:
Parent Away Countdown Banner with Poems (8113 downloads)

How To Print

Step 1:  For the best results, click the link above to print the library pockets, countdown squares, and poetry for kids files onto white matte photo paper. Although any paper will do. {wink}

Free Printable Library Pockets

Step 2:  Cut out and fold the library pockets as directed on the printable.  Then glue or tape the flaps to hold shut.

parent away countdown calendar

Step 3:  Glue or tape the count down squares onto the front of the library pockets. You can ink them before you glue them on if you want to get fancy.  I was in a rush, so I didn’t.

Step 4: Cut out the numbered poem squares

Step 4:  Cut out the numbered poem squares.  These poems will be insterted into the library pockets and pulled out using the ribbon. So after you cut out the poetry for kids squares, hole punch the top, and tie on a ribbon.

Again, you can get as fancy as you want, but I simply put the ribbon together and tied a knot.  To polish it off, I cut the ends at an angle.

Poetry for Kids

Poetry for Kids

Never fear, Mom and Dad these vacation poems are really general so your gifts can be as simple as a little treat, to more elaborate like a new toy.  Pick your budget and then have fun creating this memory for your kids that will endure for years to come!

Parent Away: Gift Countdown Poem For Kids 

Day 10:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in days ten.  We hope that you’ll play this over and over again.  {toy, game, or puzzle gift}

Day 9:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in days nine.  We know that you’ll love this and you’re feeling fine.

Day 8:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in days eight.  Here is something fun to do while you wait.  {toy, activity, puzzle, game gift}

Day 7:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in days seven.  Open this gift and enjoy new toy heaven.  {toy gift}

Day 6:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in days six.  Open this gift I got you, just for kicks.

Day 5:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in day five.  Enjoy this treat waiting for us to arrive!  {treat gift}

Day 4:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in days four.  Here’s a fun game so you won’t be bored.  {game gift}

Day 3:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in days three.  Have a sweet treat ‘cuz I know you miss me.  {sweet gift}

Day 2:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in days two.  Open this gift it’s something fun to do.  {game or activity gift}

Day 1:  Woke up in the morning and we’re home in day one.  I’ll be home tomorrow as my trip is done!

How to Make Garland

How to Make Garland

Step 5:  Layout the ric rak onto your mantel {or wherever you’re hanging it} to make sure you have the proper sizing and then place a piece of tape on where you would cut.

Don’t cut yet!  You’ll want to lay down all of the numbered library pockets onto the ric rak to verify spacing and length so that everything fits properly. Once you have the length for the ric rack, then cut on the tape.  This will prevent fraying.

Step 6:  Hot glue the library pockets onto the ric rak.

print countdown calendar

Step 7:  Hang the count down garland and then place all of the poetry for kids cards inside the corresponding number library pocket.

free printable numbered circle tags

EHprint Free File Download:
Parent Away Countdown Banner with Poems (8113 downloads)

Prepare Small Gifts

Step 8:  Time to go shopping!  Pick out small gifts, games, puzzles, activities, toys, and treats that you know your children will love.

Free Printable Circle Numbered Tags

Step 9:  Wrap each gift individually and tie on the corresponding numbered tag to the appropriate numbered poem.

parents trip gift countdown

Count Down Template

I hope you and your kids enjoy using this easy peasy count down template together. Who knew it would be SO simple to enjoy the anticipation of an upcoming event together as a family!

I’m all about making these memorable moments and family traditions as simply as possible. {I’ve got your back!}

activities for kids Bohemian Count Down Template {free printable} by Tip Junkie

Also available is a super-simple one page yellow and gray Candy Stripe Count Down!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this and sharing the free template. My husband and I are going away in a week for a cruise and I am struggling with my PPD (anxiety, mommy guilt). Planning this is helping incredibly. It makes me feel like I am doing something for my kids even when I am not there and that alleviates a lot of the guilt. Thanks

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