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Free Printable Alphabet Cards {+25 Games}


Looking for some free printable alphabet cards?  Here are darling alphabet letters that you can print out as well as 25 ways to use them with your kids!

Seems pretty simple, right?  Your child may recognize letters like a pro.  But there are so many more ways to use a set of cards like this.  From simple letter recognition to higher level thinking skills, a set of alphabet cards can broaden your child’s understanding of letters, letter sounds, and words.

Printable Alphabet Cards

Today I’m sharing 25 different activities aimed at developing and supporting important skills. From small motor to higher level thinking, all 25 suggestions range from preschool activities to activities that will help with upper elementary students. You know your child best; you will be able to tell which activities might work for your student.  Please feel free to embellish, modify, and expand these activities for your child.

EHprint Print Free File Here:
Alphabet Cards (52478 downloads)

25 Games For The Alphabet Cards

Remember, letter cards can be index cards that you make, letter flashcards from the dollar store, or you can simply download and print this cute set I made for you! {wink} I included 27 cards…one for each upper case letter and a blank one, just in case you want to make some extra cards.

1. Deal the Cards ~ one to you, one to me; great fine motor skill

2. Flash!  Use the cards like flashcards, showing them one at a time and having the child call out the letter or sound.

3. Sort those letters made with straight lines vs. curved lines

4. Sort consonants vs. vowels

5. Some letters make the same sounds…put letters with the same sounds together

6. Order the cards according to the alphabet. Can you do it backward? How fast can you do it?

7. Print off another set of cards and play the Memory game.

8. Trace letters with write on/wipe off crayons (laminate cards first)

9. Trace the letters with fingers, toes, or even your nose!

10. Assign each letter a number (depending on skill level could be a simple one- or two-digit number to larger two-digit or even three-digit numbers). Use the new secret code to send a message. Have someone send you a message to decode

11. Using the code from above…add the letters of your name.  How much is your name worth?  Your last name?  How does your total compare with other family member’s names?

12. Construct a letter ~ using the letter card as your guide, build the letter using blocks, toys, dough, or even food!

13. Spell your name ~ first, middle, last (you might need to print off an extra set of cards)

14. Practice your spelling words with the cards

15. Word Scramble ~ spell a word with the cards, scramble the letters, can you figure out the word?

16. Hunt objects in/around the house that begin with each letter, stick the letter card on the object to identify

17. Make a collage for each letter. Take the letter card and glue it to a sheet of paper.  Then find and cut pictures that begin with that letter and glue them to a paper as well

18. Recall ~either looking at the alphabet or not, quiz on letter order.  What letter is after Q? Before H? OR What sound does J make? L?

19.  Word Ladders spell a simple word, like HAM, then change the word by changing the first letter; JAM, SAM, AM, PAM, RAM

20.  I Spy. certain things out in the world look like letters.  Take your letter cards on a walk through the neighborhood.  A tree branch looks like a V, a swing set looks like an A, a street corner looks like a T

21.  Travel Letters.  Laminate each card, punch of hole and thread cards through a binder ring.  Take the cards with you to the grocery store, mall, or library.  Find 10 of a chosen letter and you win!

22. How Many Words?  Divide the cards into two piles, consonants and vowels.  Randomly choose 5 consonants and 3 vowels.  How many different words can you make?

23.  Run Off Some Energy ~ run, walk, skip, jump in the shape of each letter

Add a set of lower case letters and you can also:

24. Sort upper case letters vs. lower case letters
25. Match upper case letters to lower case letters

Another tip? Use a plastic travel soap dish to store your cards!

Alphabet Letters

EHprint Print Free File Here:
Alphabet Cards (52478 downloads)

More Free Printables

Stay with me in the coming weeks for more printables and worthwhile activities!

About the Author.I am Mel Wilson, a SAHM to two great elementary aged kiddos, a proud Army wife, and a retired elementary school teacher. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share with you! I love combining my education background, my love of cute printables, and my crafty side to build FUNctional learning activities. When I’m not sitting in front of the Mac, I also enjoy family time, baking (but not cooking), and Dr Pepper.  I share all of my crafty adventures on my blog, Domesticated Lady.

Free Printable Alphabet Cards
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  1. These are GREAT!!! I am excited about using them…I do not see the lower case printable though. 🙁 Where is that?


  2. Great ideas for using letter cards. I taught preschool for 16 years in the 80’s, 90’s; some of these ideas are not new to me but many are. Thank you for the ideas (and jogging my memory) I can now use with my great grandchildren.

  3. These are pretty darn cool, and fun 🙂 I printed out the list games, I made a set of upper case and a set of lower case (I marked those with a tiny dot so they didn’t get mixed up with the uppercase ones) and put them all on our son’s pin-board. He’ll love them–and it’s a different way to practice his sight words! (Kindergarten is hard now!)

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