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23 Printable Bookmarks Perfect for the Book Lover


How to make bookmarks for free with these printable bookmark patterns which include coloring bookmarks, free printable bookmarks for kids, Harry Potter bookmarks, and homemade bookmarks with templates.

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Tip Junkie has over a thousand Free Printables and tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more Printable ideas and patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Free Printable Bookmarks

Feather Quote Bookmarks

1.  Feather Quote Bookmarks ~ Three beautiful feather bookmarks with literary quotes on them.

Heart It Bookmarks

2.  Heart It Bookmarks ~ Inspired by Pinterest these “Heart it” bookmarks can be used to “pin” all the things you love!

Printable Bookmarks

3.  Printable Bookmarks ~ Beautiful chalkboard and floral bookmarks that will get you motivated to read just so you can look at the pretty bookmark.

The Fault in Our Stars Bookmarks

4.  The Fault in Our Stars Bookmarks ~ Eight free bookmarks with quotes directly from the book, The Fault in Our Stars.

Paper Clip Flags

5.  Paper Clip Flags ~ These are super easy to make.  Print, cut and attach to a paper clip.

Read Read Read Bookmarks

6.  Read Read Read Bookmarks ~ These four free bright and colorful bookmarks are perfect to motivate you to read read read!

Printable Bookmarks

7.  Printable Bookmarks ~ If you are a book lover, you’ll absolutely adore any one of these 3 bookmarks designed to get you diving into your next favorite book!

Gemstone Bookmarks

8.  Gemstone Bookmarks ~ Diamonds are a girls best friend!  These fun bright gemstone bookmarks are a definite must for the girl who loves bling!

Black & White Bookmarks

9.  Black & White Bookmarks ~ Black and white inspired bookmarks with a touch of gold!  There’s an editable field to customize the bookmark.

Coloring Bookmarks

Popsicle Bookmark {free printable}

10.  Popsicle Bookmark {free printable} ~ These popsicle bookmarks are a fun way to encourage your children to read over the summer! Print the free file and let your children color their popsicle. Add it to a book and it makes a summerific gift!

Color Your Own Printable Bookmarks

11.  Color Your Own Printable Bookmarks ~  Foster a love of reading with these cute Luau and Owl bookmarks.  Let your kids color them one their own and then laminate them so that they last awhile!  {{wink}}

Free Printable Coloring Page Bookmarks

12.  Free Printable Coloring Page Bookmarks ~ It’s always nice to be able to color one’s own book marks and these bookmarks are great for boys or girls even adults! {{score}}

Free Printable Bookmarks for Kids

 Cat Printable Bookmarks

13.  Cat Printable Bookmarks ~ Celebrate the joy of reading by gifting a bookmark to your kids, and while you are at it give one to yourself! {wink} It’s never too early to instill a love the love of knowledge that comes from books!

Woodland Friends Bookmarks

14.  Woodland Friends Bookmarks ~ Print out these woodland animal bookmarks for free. They are great to pass out to a classroom or stick in a new book when giving as a gift.

Little Red Riding Hood Bookmarks

15.  Little Red Riding Hood Bookmarks ~ Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? These adorable Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf bookmarks are too cute!  The post is written in French, but all you have to do is click on “bookmark chaperon rouge” and it will take you directly to the pdf file to print.

Printable Minecraft Bookmarks

16.  Printable Minecraft Bookmarks ~ Fun pixelated bookmarks for the Minecraft fan!

Lego Star Wars Printable Bookmarks

17.  Lego Star Wars Printable Bookmarks ~ If your child is a Lego or Star Wars lover these bookmarks are sure to motivate them to read.  {{smiling}}

Free Printable Pencil Bookmark

18.  Free Printable Pencil Bookmark ~ Perfect for back to school, these pencil bookmarks have an editable field to add the child’s name.

Dr. Seuss Inspired Bookmark

19.  Dr. Seuss Inspired Bookmark ~ Jen created these free printable bookmarks to coordinate with her Reading Log.  Both are great for readers of any age.  Whether or not you use a reading log however, the bookmark is great!

Harry Potter Printable Bookmarks

Harry Potter Bookmark 20.  Free Harry Potter Bookmark Designs ~ Download one or all three FREE Harry Potter Printable Bookmarks.  Your Harry Potter fan will love to mark their place with these cute Harry Potter themed bookmarks!

Owl Printable Bookmarks

21.  Owl Printable Bookmarks ~ With this free download, you or your child can bookmark your favorite Harry Potter story with coordinating owl bookmark and feel like the top of the class!

Blank Printable Bookmarks

Foxy Bookmark Printable

22.  Foxy Bookmark Printable ~ It seems like owls are getting all the love these days, but these little foxes are equally adorable. Print a few of these bookmarks for yourself, the kiddos, or you bookclub gals.

Printable Floral Bookmarks

23.  Printable Floral Bookmarks ~ This free printable featuring 4 beautiful floral prints that would make me want to read just to see the bookmark again. {{snicker}} Note: looks like the blogger made their blog private and this idea is no longer available. Sorry, ladies!


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  1. I Just printed out the Minecraft bookmarks (double-sided on card stock paper) and laminated them for my son. He absolutely <3s them! Thanks so much!