Create A Bookmark ~ 18 Darling Bookmark Templates


Easy homemade bookmark templates to create a bookmark made with cloth, paper, and ribbon as well as free printable bookmark tutorials. Homemade bookmarks are not only fun to use but they make perfect inexpensive gifts and gift toppers as well.

Create A Bookmark

Corner Bookmark with Kusudama Flower Dangle

1.  Corner Bookmark with Kusudama Flower Dangle – An adorable origami flower with a corner bookmark embellished a bit for a very elegant look.

Corner Bookmark with Ribbon Accent

2.  Corner Bookmark with Ribbon Accent – To create the bookmark I folded a 4″x3.25″ piece of cardstock in half and sewed along the top and right edges.  The left side and bottom need to be left open so it can slide over the page.  Super easy!

Bookmark Templates

Homemade Bookmark Tutorials

3.  Bookmarks With a Vintage Feel – To make some like this use that super-sticky archival Canson self-adhesive paper and cut shapes in it with an X-acto knife.

4.  Stampin Up Bookmarks – I just love these darling Owl bookmarks embellished with ribbon and stamping elements.

5.  Free Printable Chick Bookmark – There are many different colors that you can quickly print out and cut to suit your own personal preference.

Monster Page Corner Bookmarks

6. Monster Page Corner Bookmarks – Page corner bookmarks are cute, practical and deeply under-represented in the world. They’re easy to make, easy to customize, and will set you apart from all those same-same flat rectangular bookmarks.

Cloth Bookmarks

Fabric Flower Bookmark Tutorial -

7.  Fabric Flower Bookmark Tutorial – a flower fabric bookmark. They’re so super easy to make, and they’re a great fabric stash buster.

How to make a fabric corner bookmark

8.  How to make a fabric corner bookmark – This tutorial is so cool because she uses magnets to hold the fabric bookmark together when in use.  Now that’s cool.

4 Darling Homemade Bookmark Patterns

9.  Scrap Savvy Bookmark Tutorial – Start by cutting 2 complimentary pieces of fabric into whatever size you want your bookmark to be, but around 7 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide.

10.  Fabric Scrap Cloth Bookmarks – A fun recycling project making bookmarks from vintage sheets, pillowcases and buttons.

11.  Layered Fabric Bookmarks – Cut watercolor paper 1 1/2″ wide x 6″ tall, glued a piece of fabric to the back with fabric glue, then I glued smaller pieces on the front, overlapping a little.

12.  Love You Bookmark – I just love how this paper bookmark incorporates a touch of fabric for such an elegant feel.

homemade paper clip bookmark tutorial

13.  Bow Tie Paper Clips – These could work as bookmarks, on wedding invitations, Valentines, etc. Or attach the bows to hair clips for little girls or pencils for bridal shower games.

14.  Paper Clip Fabric Bookmark Tutorial – These are super easy to make. Cut scraps of fabric at varying lengths and widths.  Before cutting the fabric see what you prefer…long, short, thin, thick, etc.

Ribbon Bookmarks

Ribbon Bookmarks

15.  Vintage Velvet Ribbon Bookmarks – I just adore these velvet bookmarks with vintage baubles on each end.  Andrea posted about her bookmarks several times and even tells us where she bought all of her beads.

Homemade Bookmark Patterns

16.  Scripture beaded ribbon bookmark Tutorial – This is such a great pictured tutorial and when used in a book, you want just flat ribbon to be laying in the pages, and the pretties hanging out either end. 🙂

17.  Monogram Ribbon Bookmark – Make a lovely, personalized bookmark.  If you are giving a book or journal, wrap it up in brown craft paper and attach the bookmark to the front in place of a bow.

18.  Super Simple Beaded Bookmarks – Make these fun beaded bookmarks for any occasion!  Birthday, Christmas, lesson handout, baptism, you name it!  Look at the picture below for a packaging example.

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