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1. Tip Junkie 101

What is Tip Junkie?

Tip Junkie features and promotes the best tutorials from creative every-day women just like you!

I’m all about the “little guy” or girl in this case. {wink} I want to promote women who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity. I want to tell the world about woman-owned products who don’t know how to market them on their own. I want to give each woman an opportunity to be featured, to share their voice, be heard, and validated.

Tip Junkie is a one-stop-shop of unique tutorials & products from creative women. Featuring amazing tutorials from organization, home décor, gift ideas, crafts, entertaining, giveaways, and everything handmade; it saves you time and is constantly teaching you something new with gorgeous inspiration and tutorials.

What is the Tip Junkie Creative Community {TJCC}?

The TJCC is a free community for creative women and entrepreneurs {or Mom-prenuers as I call you.} The TJCC has so many amazing features and can be used several different ways. Here are a few:

  • If you love to make things, decorate, plan a party, or cook the TJCC will become your online craft room and organize all of your favorite tutorials, recipes, and ideas in one place!
  • Bookmark your favorite tutorials so you’ll never lose a great idea again.
  • Upload and share photos of what you’ve made so we can all ooh and aah. We’ll even create a permanent home for your pictures with a URL, so you can share it over and over again with friends and family.
  • Stay connected and see what your friends are making and what they favorite.
  • Don’t have a blog? No problem. Now you can create your own tutorials right HERE and be featured on Tip Junkie. {It’s easy!}
  • Now you don’t have to maintain a blog to become known for your talent! The TJCC is designed to promote you for what you make, not for what you blog. {squeal!}

How do I promote myself on the TJCC?

It may not be your goal, but becoming known for your talent on the TJCC is easier than you might think and just might happen organically. Here’s how:

  • Complete your registration and upload a darling picture of you, not an avatar ~ but an actual photo. People connect with faces, not cartoons. {wink}
  • Start to favorite and comment on the tutorials you enjoy in the TJCC. The more active you are, the more you’ll get noticed.
  • Find and follow friends. You can even invite your favorite crafty people to join you in the TJCC.
  • Build your online craft room byLet us know!

2. TJCC Etiquette

The Tip Junkie Creative Community a beautiful resource because of YOU!

TJCC is a warm, collaborative and encouraging group of extraordinary  women. Let’s keep it that way by following the Golden Rule and a few  others:

  • Be Friendly ~ Feel free to leave comments and uplifting messages to  each other. {We all love Comments!} Just remember we all have a different tastes, so treat each other as you would “your sister’s  best friend”. Personable, respectful, and positive.
  • Give Credit Where Credit Is Due ~ As creative women, we are inspired  by everything around us. However, if you used someone’s tutorial be sure to leave a link to their TJCC tutorial, specific blog post, or  site in your description.
  • The TJCC is for tutorials and free resources only. Anything uploaded or added via the “Tip Me” button that is not a “free resource” will be removed.
  • When using the “Tip Me” button to add a favorite to your online craft room {TJCC profile}, be sure to that you find the ORIGINAL source of the photo or tutorial. Finding the original source is so important! No one wants their images stolen or not given credit for what they’’ve made. That’s just uncool.
  • Please try to only use the “tip me” button for pictured tutorials.
  • DO NOT use the “Tip Me” button to favorite:
    • Etsy, Big Cartel, or other products for sale.
    • Secondary image sources like Google Image Search, Photobucket, Flickr, or Pinterest.
  • Family-Friendly Content Only! ~ Please do not upload or favorite anything that a 5 year old child isn’t allowed to see. {wink} Nudity or any other objectionable content will be removed immediately. If you see something that is questionable, please feel free to report it using the “report a bug” contact form.

3. Profile and Account Settings

How to Sign Up

The TJCC is currently an invite-only site. You can request an invitation from me or you can be invited by a friend who is already a member. To make sure I get all the bugs ironed out, only 500 members are accepted a day. I’ll increase that number over time.

How to change your email address

Click here to change the email address associated with your account or modify your password.

How to change your display name

Click here to set your display name, links and profile picture.

How to change your bio

Click here to set your display name, links and profile picture.

How to change your profile picture

Click here to set your display name, links and profile picture.

How to make your account private

Click here to change your privacy settings.

How to change email notifications

You have complete control over how many email notifications you receive from Tip Junkie. In fact, I’ve created an easy way for you to manage your subscriptions. To unsubscribe, simply uncheck any of the boxes that are checked.

To change when you receive other notifications (such as when someone follows you), see notification settings.

4. Getting in Touch

Want to get in touch? Follow the instructions here: contact.tipjunkie.com

Found a bug? Let us know!