Sewing Gifts25

14 Sewing Tutorials to Make

Sew and make easy gifts with these cut & sew patterns to make which include simple sewing projects includin… continue reading

Tiny Toddler Backpack

Brandy Nelson
A tiny little backpack for the sibling who is left at home when school starts for the year! Full post here: http://www.gluesticksblog.… continue reading

DIY Rag Quilt in Strips Pattern & Tutorial

See how to make this adorable spin on the classic square rag quilt pattern. This pattern makes rag quilts faster and easier to make and … continue reading

Sewing Blankets Made Easy

Creating a blanket for a loved one is a very thoughtful gift they will treasure for years to come. You can simplify the process of makin… continue reading

DIY Kindle Cover

Here is a simple, just beautiful Tutorial for a Kindle Case. You can customize it to fit any Kindle. I've included step by step measurem… continue reading

Kid's Personalized Sewing Kit

Chanda Nielsen
A homemade sewing kit is a fun and thoughtful gift for a little one who loves to dew, or it maybe just learning. Decorate and old biscu… continue reading

Free Quillow Pattern for Baby ~ Easy Step by Step Instructions

What is a quillow? A quillow is a quilt and a pillow rolled into one unique item. Use a quillow as a quilt to lay baby down, or keep war… continue reading

Stretchy Playdate Skirt

Chanda Nielsen
Stretchy waistbands aren't just for Thanksgiving dinner. {haha} You little baby will be super comfy in these darling skirts. This is a… continue reading

Shabby Chic Mob Cap Tutorial

Jennifer Erickson
A great tutorial for beginners -- This is an easy little cap that can be used for dress-up or used as a fancy shower cap. it's inexpens… continue reading