Hey Ladies!  Today I'm featuring 20 DIY coat rack ideas you can make for your own home.  Some of these rack tutorials are pretty over-the-top but you never know what will inspire something beautiful.  {{giggle}} Rack

DIY Coat Rack

1.  Kate’s pretty paper coat rack -  How to make a coat rack out of a piece of wood and floral paper. 2. Headboard turned Coat Rack - Turk a rickety old headboard into a beautiful, and practical, coat rack. 3.  Eames Hang-It-All Inspired DIY Tutorial - A less expensive way to have your own fun an flirty coat rack for your home. 4.  Fence Post Coat Rack - Sand down the fencepost, base, and top, then paint each piece the same color. Coat Rack 5.  Pretty Door Knob Coat Rack - If you don't have enough places to hang your collection of Fall jackets, hats, and scarves, then you may be a good candidate for this DIY project. 6.  Ruler Coat Rack - How to make a vintage coat rack out of rulers. 7.  Yardstick Coat Rack - An easy tutorial on how to use yardsticks to create a coat rack with personality. 8.  Contemporary Coat Rack - It uses just two materials: a concrete base vessel and a series of wood rods with rounded edge tops. DIY Coat Rack

More Rack Tutorials

9.  Enter Coat Rack, Exit Entryway Clutter - We used to have this old leaded window hanging in an opening between our dining room and entryway. 10.  Unfinished Cabinet Door Towel Rack - $3 cabinet door, a coat of primer, two coats of spray paint in a semi-gloss black and hooks. 11.  Beach Inspired Paddle Rack - I just love this paddle DIY rack with the crisp silver hooks. 12.  Tree Plywood Rack - This one just made me giggle so I couldn't help but show it to you.  Wouldn't this be fun in a playroom. Tree Branch Coat Stand

Tree Branch Inspired Coat Stand

13.  Branch Rack - an entryway coat rack by screwing some vintage hooks into a branch that she found in the yard. 14.  Transform a Branch Into a Coat Rack - First, I'll show you how to choose a branch and turn it into a coat rack. Then I'll teach you how to make the base. 15.  Branch Hanging Coat Rack - If you have a narrow entryway or a shortage of closet space in your home, try this easy DIY as an alternative to traditional, free-standing coat racks. 16.  Rustic Peg Coat Rack - Using different sized branches, you can make a simple yet decorative coat rack that brings out the natural beauty of wood. Baby Nursery Rack

Baby Nursery Rack Ideas

17.  Family Knob Rack - Use black and white photos of your family to create knobs for your a rack in your child's room or to "assign" coats or backpacks for an entry way. 18.  Baby Nursery Coat Rack - The wooden, unfinished coat rack is from Hobby Lobby for just a couple dollars and simply spray painted it white.  Then attached the wooden animals. 19.  DIY An Amazing Animal Coat Rack - Sure you could probably use a more traditional hook or pull, but why when you can use that pointy zebra you've stepped on 900 times at 3 a.m.? 20.  Monogrammed Baby Nursery Coat Rack - An easy way to make a fun monogrammed but functional piece for a child's room. If you'd like these DIY projects, you'll love what I feature every day. Subscribe to Tip Junkie and get the most creative ideas sent to you via e-mail. It's easy!
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