I have 2 versions of the Back to School survival kit, free printables of course! They're perfect if you're wanting to quickly put something fun in their backpacks as a surprise when your kiddos get to school. {snicker} Both Back to School Survival Kits are free printables over on the Tip Junkie Printable site.  Simply click on the links below and it will take you right to the download.  I've also included a my favorite back to school traditions that you can quickly print out and circle the ones that you want to make for your kids this year.


Make a fun back to school survival guide for your kiddo's this year.  I've done most of the work for you buy creating labels for each candy gram.  Simply print them out over on Tip Junkie Printables. back to school kit - scripture Or you can put together a Back to School Survival Kit with scripture references for your child or your Sunday School class with these candy grams.


I've also created a 2 page layout of all my favorite back to school traditions to make planning a lot easier.  Print out these traditions over and file them in your Executive Homemaker binder for storage and easy access.