Have a fun party just for fun or for your play group. Here's activities for a Shape Day. Pick any shape you want to learn about. Here's an example for Circle Day: Circle Day: Play will balls (basketball, golf, roll ball back and forth, kick ball) Stack mixing bowls Roll a tennis ball into a bucket Tubular Tunnels Make UFO's Balloons! (Make whipped cream faces.) Circle Day Agenda 9:30 * Throw circle lids into pots, pans, & bowls * Tubular Tunnels * Circle Safari (eye spy) 9:45 * Play Dough * Shape Puzzles 10:00 * Snack (vanilla wafers, grapes, banana circles) * Make Cookies 10:20 * Balloons (draw faces on them) * UFO’s *Don’t forget to take pictures for the circle day book. Click here to print out the Circle Day agenda and find instructions for these games.