My youngest kiddo just started pre-school and I thought I'd have some fun making his lunches.  While I was searching for ideas, I found the most OTT creative school lunches! You aren't going to believe how amazing these are!  I hope you'll check out the tips & tricks and be inspired to make something fun for your little one this week. SchoolLunch 1.  Funky Lunch design gallery 2.  Wendolonia's bento boxes and bento products 3.  Creative bento lunches 4.  Disney Family Food school lunches kids love SchoolLunch1 5.  Bonnie's simple lunch solution 6.  Katie's tips on packing healthy school lunches w/ the kids 7.  Panelled insulated lunch bag pattern 8.  Everyday Mama's lunch kit suggestions SchoolLunch2 9.  Creative Organizing lunch bin and lunch mail 10.  Sandwich box made out of a milk carton from Thrifty Mom 11.  Printable school lunch notes from Amy 12.  Lunch bag ideas