We are kicking off the Birthday Bash by featuring Princess and Fairy birthday parties for little girls. Many of these ideas can be tailored to almost any theme.  So keep that in mind while you're browsing and planning.  Enjoy! 1. Alice in Wonderland party {{amazing!}} 2. Princess & Knights birthday celebration 3.  Fairy Garden Birthday Party 4.  How to throw a princess party

Princess Party Decorations

5.  Princess party decorations 6.  Cinderella glass slipper shoe invitation 7.  Birthday Breakfast for your princess 8.  Royal party for a fair maiden

DIY Party Accessories

9.    Fairy Dust 10.  DIY Pink Princess Party Hat 11.  How to throw a Cinderella party 12.  Fairy Princess wand tutorial

Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

13.  Sweet Fairy Party and printables 14.  Fairy and Pirates birthday party 15.  Planning your next Fairy Princess party 16.  Fairy party games

Princess Party Food Ideas

17.  Making a princess castle cake tutorial 18.  Castle Cake 19.  Princess Cupcake Castle {{less stress}} 20.  Princess and the Frog cupcakes While you're here be sure to: